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Jilted Joe Scarborough Blasts Donald Trump’s Temporary Ban: Is This 1933 Germany?

Joe Scarborough and his team have gone full liberal. It’s not partial now nor is it a slight question of did I hear? Scarborough publicly misrepresented Donald Trump’s temporary Muslim ban as if the GOP nominee was doing it because of the God they serve.

In context, Trump has always talked about the bombings and terrorist attacks overseas, and a few here in the states and he thinks Congress should have a better system is stopping radical Muslims from doing so much damage to American citizens.

Can you believe this?

Funny, I don’t remember Germany’s Jews committing terrorist atrocities in 1933 Germany. I also do not recall Trump advocating that all Muslims be killed. It is absurd statements like the ones Joe makes here that remind us Mika is not the only moron on that show.

BTW, Joe, since you’re so bothered by Trump’s alleged racism, did you ever protest to the head of MSNBC when they gave Al Tawana Brawley Sharpton his show knowing that he is a documentable racist who caused the death of several people by his racist rabble rousing?

It seems like to me Scarborough feelings are hurt Trump won’t go back on his show, so he’s trying to bait him into returning by going scorched earth. We’ll see how that works out for him.

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