Jindal Throws Support To NY Republican Candidate Rob Astorino And Democrats Go Crazy

Despite facing a tough challenge to unseat incumbent Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo and receiving no support from the RGA chair, Governor Chris Christie, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal came to NYC on Thursday to back Astorino as well as hosting a fundraiser. During the news conference on Thursday, Jindal endorsed the fellow republican with two issues attacking President Obama and Governor Cuomo on Ebola and Common Core.

Jindal slammed President Obama for his incompetence, calling it malpractice and calling out Governor Cuomo for failing to be proactive in New York during this time of crisis concerning Ebola.

“Time and time again, the CDC and the administration have told us things that turned out not to be true. . . They have been a dollar short and a day late time and time again; they are again counting on hope. Hope is not a strategy.” Jindal said.

Jindal criticized Cuomo’s earlier press conference stating, “This is not the flu, this is Ebola and counting on hope is not a strategy, we need to play offense instead of playing defense.”

Jindal stated “We need to play offense instead of defense” as hundreds of rush-hour commuters passed the gathering in Grand Central.

Common Core was also brought up as Jindal, who is a big advocate of ending this controversial education standard and sued the Obama administration late this summer over the standards and tests. In their opening statement, both Astorino and Jindal pledged to end its implementation.

Jindal is not the only Republican Governor aiding Astorino’s long-shot bid. Texas Governor Rick Perry was in New York a few weeks ago to throw endorsement support and fundraise as well. Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney issued fundraising emails as well referring to Cuomo as a “typical corrupt politician by lying about his Start-up campaign of economic-development.”

Governor Chris Christie on the other hand is not throwing any help or support even though NJ is right next door to NY. Christie has said this effort is a lost cause and wants to focus on other Governors races that are more competitive. Polls today show Astorino behind by 17 points. When asked about Christie’s support, Jindal stated that, “Chris is perfectly capable of speaking for himself and he is here to support Rob and will do a great job as Governor.”

Jindal2State Democrats of New York have used this appearance of both Governors mulling a presidential bid as Astorino being too far right leaning to be taken seriously in New York. They released a headline “When Robbie Met Bobby” in light of the visit to remind New Yorkers of the ultra conservative ideological views Jindal and Astorino share. They listed a few steps stating how campaigning with unpopular governors with views dangerously out of step with mainstream New Yorkers. Such steps mention anti-choice, anti-minimum wages, anti-LGBT equality, anti-gun safety and anti-science.

Got to love liberal hysteria propaganda on conservative values being “Ultra Conservative”. Democrats are trying their hardest to convince voters of other issues while forgetting that on the bigger issues of the economy, debt, schools and Ebola they have no plan. Democrats can tell all the lies they want, but this nation and New Yorkers especially are fed up with the gimmicks and aren’t buying into this like before. If there is any accomplishment the democrats have achieved, its destroying the nation’s economy and values.


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A Young Republican by way of the New York City, Mona Salama is an M.P.A candidate at John Jay College and an aspiring political blogger. A self-described "girl who loves politics", Mona works as a political consultant and operative in NYC. She is well-versed in field operations and strategies, working for numerous campaigns in the past three years. Mona is an active member of the New York Young Republican Club as well as Brooklyn Young Republicans, and contributes to the Brooklyn GOP Radio show blog Follow me on Twitter: @politicalcrazy Contact me at [email protected]

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