Obamacare is a TAX
Obamacare is destroying the American Middle Class

Joe Hakos: Obamacare Designed To Fail….

cancelledWell maybe not.

Because if it does fail under its (Obamacare) own weight then the nation itself will have to fail.  Why? Because written into the Obamacare train wreck are provisions that allow for the Taxpayer to BAILOUT insurance companies if the insurance companies take on too much debt in lost profits.  That’s right…if the Insurance Companies lose too much money the U.S. taxpayer will be on the hook to  prop up these failing companies.  So the mantra that Obamacare will fail because it will eventually not be feasible and run out of money because the lack of participation.  Not true… as long as the American Taxpayer is made to subsidize Obamacare it will NEVER fail under it “own” weight.  So another fine mess provided to you by your benevolent government.

Senator Marco Rubio
Rubio: “To be told that at a time when all of these challenges are happening in the personal economy of so many people, that billions of dollars of taxpayer money is going to go to bail out this law, there is going to be collective outrage across the political spectrum in this country, and rightfully so.”

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio
Remarks On Potential Taxpayer Funded Bailout Under ObamaCare
U.S. Senate Floor


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