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John Boehner and Jeb Bush

John Boehner: Jeb Bush Would Make A ‘Great President’

John ‘Bonehead’ Boehner and friends think Jeb Bush would make a ‘great president.’

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The revelation came during a Q & A with Texas Tribune at the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

Now, of course he would say something like this because they are buddies. They actually have a few things in common. One of which is amnesty.

Remember when Bonehead Boehner said some republicans didn’t want to do immigration reform because, “Oooh, it’s too hard.”

The problem with this whole situation can be summed up with what Johnny-Boy said:

“There are some members of my party that just do not want to deal with this. It’s no secret. But I do believe the vast majority of members of our party do want to deal with this.”

That’s exactly true. Most of the party doesn’t want to deal with it because they agree with the majority of Americans.

The majority of Americans know we already have laws about immigration reform, and frankly they want the existing laws enforced. The need for comprehensive immigration reform just isn’t there! The need to follow existing laws IS there!

The real and honest thing that needs to be reformed is the welfare state. Too many of these illegals are living off the system. It’s not a safety net for them, it’s their way of life.

That’s the real reason we have an immigration problem.

Oh, and by the way: Would Jeb Bush make a great president like Boehner thinks?


Remember these few points:

  • Jeb Bush is for Common Core
  • Jeb Bush has surrounded himself with Pro-Obamacare people
  • Jeb Bush is Pro-Amnesty


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