John Kerry warns about ‘Climate Change’

Climate Change is the issue that never goes away. Secretary of State John Kerry went on a lecture, claiming it was ‘the greatest challenge of our generation’ when he was speaking to college students in Jakarta, Indonesia yesterday after previously meeting with China on Saturday, the biggest producer of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. He also called it a weapon of mass destruction. So by his logic, if climate change is a weapon of mass destruction, he would want to destroy it, therefore, advocate more killing of humans by abortion, euthanasia and other immoral means, surely because liberals like Kerry believe climate change is caused by human activity. Not only does Kerry ridiculously claim climate change is our biggest threat, but apparently is not a supporter of free speech, saying ‘we should not allow a tiny minority of shoddy scientists and extreme ideologues to compete with scientific fact.’ So in other words, he supports whatever it takes to silence anyone who dare disagrees with him or his base. And we’re not quite the minority that Kerry says we are. The famous stat of 97% of scientists supporting man made climate change has been debunked countless times, and there are more scientists who believe climate change isn’t human caused than what Kerry wants everyone to think. If there are any ‘shoddy’ scientists and extreme ideologues, it is Kerry and the phony scientists trying to ram the radical environmental propaganda over all of us. He went on to reintroduce President Obama’s Climate Change Plan, which cuts emissions by 17% from the 2005 levels and said the U.S. would help Indonesia with $332 million in funding from the Green Prosperity program and called on their government to take more action to fight climate change. “Today I call on all of you here in Indonesia and concerned citizens around the world to demand that resolve from your leaders. Speak out. Make climate change an issue that no public official can ignore another day.” What Kerry forgets to admit is that we have spent hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide throughout the years trying to combat ‘man made climate change’ and liberal professors have continued brainwashing kids in the school curriculum about awareness to fight this hoax, yet they all still claim we are never doing enough, and that we have to do more. In other words, Kerry and the radical environmentalists don’t think the government is getting enough money. They want you to pay Al Gore and the left even more. Kerry continued on. “With Indonesia and the rest of the world pulling in the same direction, we can meet this challenge, the greatest challenge of our generation, and we can create the future that everybody dreams of.” No wonder many are concerned with Obama’s nominees, including John Kerry being the Secretary Of State. We have worldwide terrorism, Obamacare, reckless spending on our national debt, and a whole host of other issues that are real problems, yet liberals like John Kerry think an issue like man made climate change, which doesn’t exist, is the biggest threat. Many are naive into believing John Kerry, but not us.

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