Jon Stewart Rips Into French Government Over “Free Speech” Hypocrisy

In a manner in which only Jon Stewart can accomplish, the host of The Daily Show took issue with France arresting a comedian for remarks considered anti-Semitic made on his Facebook page.

Wednesday, comedian Dieudonne, known for his controversial comedy skits was arrested and will stand trial for those remarks according to French prosecutors.

Stewart called out the French government for what seems he believes is an hypocritical stance, “I want to say F**K that guy, but we were all there in the streets with the pencils and the free speech.”

“Je suis Confused,” said Stewart reminding the audience that on the same day of the arrest of Dieudonne, the new issue of Charlie Hebdo sold out within an hour of release depicting on the cover another picture of the prophet Mohammed.  Selling over 3 million copies, the publication received support from the people of France as well as the French government.

The comedian’s Facebook post, “Tonight, as far as I’m concerned, I feel like Charlie Coulibaly.” received negative reaction from the press and while those remarks may have been horrible, Stewart suggests the censorship by French government is also wrong.

Generally we express our political outrage and objectionable ideas not through arrests, certainly through the litmus test of purchasing or not purchasing (Chick fil-A) sandwiches” said Stewart.

“We have similar speech related struggles in America, generally erring on the side of the government allowing people to say sh**ty things.”

“Don’t get me wrong, that is a despicable Facebook post that guy did, but isn’t that what the unfriend button is for?”


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