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Judge orders American Atheists to “articulate” offense to Ground Zero cross

It doesn’t take much convincing to see that atheists are special kinds of idiots. They’re offended by inanimate objects, specifically crosses, because they “offend” their intellectual assertion that there is no God. In their asinine attempts to assert the proof that God isn’t real, the only thing they do is reveal that their sole obsession is ridding the world of any semblance of God, because they know He is all too real. They simply can’t handle it. They’re vampires caught in the inescapable sunlight.

atheismAtheists specialize in filing frivolous lawsuits. In 2011, the American Atheists group, founded by the late Madelyn Murray O’Hair, filed a lawsuit to keep a 17-foot cross out of the Ground Zero Museum. The original suit was thrown out last year, but this week, an appeals court gave the vile group a July 14th deadline to specifically define how the sight of the cross becomes a “constitutional injury” when seen by an atheist. Fox News reports:

A federal appeals court said this week that an atheist group trying to keep the so-called Ground Zero Cross out of the National September 11 Memorial Museum must better explain how displaying the artifact is “offensive” and violates members’ constitutional rights.

The 17-foot-tall, steel beam “cross” was found in the rubble of the World Trade Center twin towers in New York that fell during the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Never mind the fact the cross was found in the rubble, amongst the ruination. This in itself is a miracle. Atheists don’t care about anything but punishing those who believe in God, sin, and the blood of Jesus Christ. In their blind idiocy, they claim intellectual superiority. But their works prove how pathetic their attempts at silencing any semblance of faith have become. Petty and petulant, they sue over a cross at the World Trade Center Museum. If it’s so offensive to them, look away. Oddly enough, they can’t come up with a reasonable explanation as to why looking at a cross offends them.

The other question is — if the plaintiffs indeed feel displaying the cross “marginalizes them as American citizens” — then how is that a “particular and concrete injury” compared to just “the abstract stigmatization of atheists generally.”

The judge has also asked the plaintiffs to substantiate their claim the museum and Sept. 11 memorial are getting taxpayer dollars.

“Taking personal offense is not an injury that warrants invoking the power of the courts to shut down everything you disagree with,” Baxter also said. “The Constitution is not a personal tool for censoring everyone’s beliefs but your own.”

Atheists, like every other fringe group, have attempted to make themselves a special interest group. If looking at a cross would violate their constitutional rights, they should dig themselves a nice big cave and stay put. They can shove their personal offense where the sun doesn’t shine.

The bottom line is the gospel of Jesus Christ offends them to the point of obsessive distraction. The cross is merely a symbolic representation of this hatred. Meanwhile, their offense is comforting, as is a judge’s assertion that they articulate what their offense actually is, because the presence of a cross is not harming anyone. To all the atheists: shove it. Christians have to put up with this perpetual nonsense all the time. They should get a taste of their own medicine.

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Janna Brock is a staunch Christian conservative with a passion for writing about all topics that have to do with civil liberties, the gay agenda, Islam, and the the atrocities of the Obama Administration.

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