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Judge to Cheerleader who sued parents for money; GO BACK HOME!

According to Rachel Cannings parent’s lawyer, Rachel’s homecoming “is not contingent on any financial and/or other considerations,” which, seriously? Rachel’s legal fees probably cost more than her college tuition at this point, and her parents are just letting her live with them rent-free?! Even college grads have to pay rent to their parents if they’re living in their basement, and this girl publicly accused her parents of abuse?!

The parents lawyer today  announced that the 18-year-old was willingly moving back into her parents’ house. This, after a judge refused to award Canning any of the things she demanded (private school and college tuition, child support, and her attorney’s fees)? This is the most awkward homecoming ever!

Okay, perhaps we’re belaboring the point. Let’s get back to the funny part of this entire story, which is this child is moving back in with the parents she sued. On second thought, we’re not sure if the parents are exemplars, or enabling her behavior. (RENT-FREE?!)

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