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Just as Obama is finishing up his vacation; this bad news will greet him at the WH

Obama is currently finishing up his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, but he just received a piece of news that is sure to ruin his day.

According to CNN, Obama’s approval ratings are currently plummeting as most Americans are slamming his work on various foreign policy issues.

A new CNN poll has revealed that Obama’s disapproval ratings are now above 50%, with 51% of Americans disapproving of how he’s handled his presidency. This is up four points from July, when 47% of Americans disapproved of him in the same poll.


Obama got his worst reviews on his handling of ISIS, with 62% of Americans disapproving of Obama’s “strategy” in handling the terrorist group. 60% of Americans also disapprove of the ridiculous way Obama has handled Iran.

Even Democrats are turning on Obama. 35% of liberals disapprove of how he has handled ISIS while 30% disapprove of his Iran deal.

This is sure to come as awful news for Obama, who once prided himself on his popularity. Oh, how things have changed!


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