Just What do Progressives Want?

Just what is the end game for the progressive agenda? Where do they plan to take humanity? If you were to take an everyday, “true believer” progressive like you see on Twitter, for instance, and a global elite political or celebrity or billionaire progressive and ask them that question, you’d likely not be surprised by the answer. You might even be somewhat sympathetic and understanding of it. With less hyperbole than you think, picture Star Trek. Not the flying through space and teleporters. The society. The crisp uniforms. No money or violence.  That is the vision the progressive will claim to pursue. Now if you take those same two progressives and lock them in a steel room for days alternating between freezing and sweltering, starve them, waterboard them, and dose them to the nines with Sodium Pentothal (note: I’m not advocating any of the aforementioned, this is merely a thought experiment), then asked them the same question you would see the difference.

Not really from the normal, middle class or whatever progressive. Short of some expected personal biases they will espouse the same objectives when under duress as when not. Not so with the elitist. The true goals of powerful progressives have been called socialism, communism, and big government. Altogether they are fairly accurate labels. But they are missing a key element. They at least connote the idea of uniform application. What they really want is a return to a system akin to old world style nobility. That’s not to say that we’ll once again address people with titles such as duke and duchess, marquis and marquess, or mi’lord. I don’t think.

But consider the erosion of the middle class. Is it simply the result of bad policy? The left frequently blames the rich or tax cuts. I contend that it is actually by design. Instead of trying to wrap your mind around a range of income brackets or net worth, here is a very simple and sufficient definition of middle class. Middle class means not wealthy, but having the means for self determination. The first part progressives have no problem with. The second, well…

In no way do the modern elite resent the technologies, commodities, and luxuries of the modern era. What they do resent is the free market’s aptitude for making these life enhancements readily available to the common rabble. Your self interest and pursuit of your own betterment distracts you from fulfilling your expendable role in holding your betters up on your shoulders. Whether they feel as such because of simple narcissism or because they honestly believe society must be directed by a select few the end result is largely the same. Know your place, knave.

You see, you might think you’re just an ordinary person, doing your best to get by in the world. Little do you know you’re actually terribly inconsiderate of your betters. Say you work hard all year and every month you set a bit aside because you’ve always wanted to take a cruise. You finally reach your goal and book it. Now you’re sitting coach on the tarmac awaiting takeoff and all you can think about are the squalling brats seated behind you repeatedly kicking your seat in the cramped cabin. But what you should have concerned yourself with is that elitist in their private jet. They took off 15 minutes later than they wanted because of you and all the people like you on your commercial airliner. The wait caused them to drink a second martini. Then you did it to them again on their private yacht when they had to stay moored and wait until your 3,000 passenger cruise finally made it’s way out of the harbor. But the most inconsiderate thing you did was enjoy that first walk down that beach. Yep. Clueless you just thought you were finally unwinding and enjoying the scenery. But the truth is that same guy whose way you keep getting in the way of was showing off his villa to impress his new mistress. And you strolling down the beach in your $30 Walmart swimsuit completely ruined the view from his terrace. All of this could have just been avoided if you’d only stayed back and kept the gears of the world turning for him, as is your station. None of this would happen if the world was as it should be.

To such a powerful, privileged group it seems there is a perceived right, or maybe even duty, to view those of lesser stations as a lawn. It requires landscaping, watering, fertilizing, and eventually cutting. Eugenics came from progressive thought. They’re the reason social engineering is in our vocabulary. The idea of individuality is antithetical to their grand design. A cog that’s unique is not nearly as replaceable in the machine. The concept as an approach to an orderly society is seductive in our necessity to avoid chaos. But the flaw is that no one, regardless of degree or station or wealth, has the right or the qualifications to decide for others.

That there are those who proclaim a socialist model can work in the right circumstances is irrelevant. A monarchy works when you have a morally upstanding and mentally competent king, at least to a point. It still is not a system that sufficiently motivates the many to improve their station because a ceiling is imposed on them. But where the real trouble comes into paradise, so to speak, is when you have an incompetent or unscrupulous ruler. The beauty of our system is that it works relatively well even when you have a bad apple at the helm. It mitigates the effect a leader can have on the life of a randomly picked citizen. If you’re thinking that that doesn’t really seem to be the case, you’re right. That’s because progressives have spent the last century steering us back to a place where one person, confident of their breed and ivy league education, can control and destroy those under them. Because they know better.

Of course, you can’t just come out and foist this on an independent, free, and armed people. You have to change their hearts and minds. Make the people believe they need you. That you would be lost without the guidance of those who have the innate ability to facilitate mankind’s destiny. You can see these manipulations veiled under every current social argument. Gun control, government jobs programs, and entitlements are all pertinent examples. But perhaps the most used tactic of all for getting people to voluntarily concede their wealth, property, and independence is the environment.

“Do you own and operate a motor vehicle? You monster! Our children’s children will have no concept of a Canada without orange groves. You should be plugging your methane hole, living off the fungus that grows on your shoe, and commuting to work with a solar panel hat and a unicycle.”

Remember, when we were destined to crisscross this nation with a new train system. It was a job creating, environment saving double whammy. No need for a gas guzzling personal vehicle. Take the train. Take it! It was like our leaders were peer pressuring us to take drugs after school. Come on. Look at Europe and Asia. Everybody’s doing it. But we stayed strong and didn’t give in. Never mind the symbolism of being bound to tracks compared with steering. This was one of the endless attempts to set policy, mold society, and then try to force the market to fit. To shape a world where people no longer own a major piece of personal property, one that is a powerful icon of independence. Bear in mind this was from a president whose trip to Africa required 56 vehicles, 14 of which were limousines.

If only he was alone in having standards so high, they double. The pope of climate changolicism, Al Gore, had the famously ungreen house. He conveniently stands to become rich(er) from the carbon redistributive policy that is Cap and Trade. He’s also already a gazillionaire from selling Current TV to Al Jazeera (read: oil money). That these people can keep straight face is actually pretty impressive. From the it would be funny if it wasn’t so face-palming category, this story popped up recently. Our Secretary of State has been beating the climate change drum really loud as of late. How many roofs does his sugar momma keep over his head, again? Remember the Copenhagen climate summit of 2009? IF, and that is clearly a big if, there was something of actual importance in regards to saving the planet to discuss there, I’m reasonably sure it could have been accomplished on Skype. Instead, a collection of the world’s most pompous and arrogant sodomized our dear mother earth to the tune of many flatulent cattle.

All this is from just one class of elitist. Don’t forget about celebrities. Travolta parks planes at his house they way you would your car. Something I’d be all for if he didn’t feel obligated to lecture us norms. Leonardo DiCaprio spoke at the behest of Secretary of State Kerry at a Save the Oceans conference. Whether or not seafood was served there could not be determined. Apparently nothing gives credence to your voice like playing make believe for a living. Following that he promptly jetted down to Brazil to celebrate the World Cup on a super yacht that in a large part comes from, wait for it, middle east oil money. You can’t make this stuff up! No one would buy it.

The entire showbiz culture spouts environmental platitudes at the unwashed masses. Meanwhile they show up to self-aggrandizing events in clothes that are beyond extravagant and usually non-functional for any practical use. Obscene quantities of resources are expended for their award ceremonies, their concerts, their productions, and their parties. All things I’d have no problem with, if they didn’t seem to take issue with me having a V8 mustang.

It is safe to assume I am a skeptic of man-caused climate change. But I’d be a lot more open to hearing the case for it if this wasn’t what I saw when I look at those espousing it. If any of these people honestly believed untold devastation awaited us because of our lifestyles not a one of them would act like this. They’d be the greenest, granola hippies you ever saw. But this isn’t about climate change, it’s about privilege. Any time there is ever a challenge to the double standard you likely hear something about offsets through spreading awareness. Don’t discount that, that’s the point right there. I’m modern nobility. You do with less so I can have more.

With the discussions about Jeb Bush(a pox upon thee) and Hillary Clinton(thee too) as two of the biggest names in the hat for 2016, the buzzword you hear is dynasty. The same was once true for the Kennedys. Regardless of whatever political philosophy one supports, we as a free society are far too comfortable with that word. We have become conditioned to only accept a person as a potential leader if they are of a certain pedigree. Calling something un-American is an overused cliché. But nothing deserves the term more than claiming something can only be accomplished by checking off a specific series of boxes. Even the practice of referring to people as upper, middle, and lower class should leave a bad taste in an American’s mouth. It implies an unofficial caste system of sorts, and we believe that a person’s station is only as fixed as they choose it to be.

That the left views itself as more intelligent, educated, and sophisticated is not a secret. They believe they know better and their agenda is more important than process. Hopefully, now you know why. Self determination is the worst thing to ever happen to the world’s powerful. They’re looking to correct that mistake.

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