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Kaepernick: Cops Are Getting Paid Leave For Killing People; Refuses To Stand For National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick has doubled down on refusing to stand to honor the national anthem/American flag during the NFL pre-game ritual.

“Police brutality…cops are getting paid leave for killing people…”

He says cops are getting paid leave for killing people. This is a college grad? Is he too stupid to know that in any police shooting anywhere, for any reason by any color of the officer, that officer is put on paid leave while it is investigated? It is called presumed innocent before found guilty. It is one of the cornerstones of our society. What a complete an utter buffoon and hypocrite.

He also talked about bodies in the street? Sir, there are millions of bodies in the ground who died protecting the freedoms that flag represents, the same freedoms that allow you to play football for millions of dollars. You are in the NFL in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and if when you show up to work, they start the day playing the NATIONAL ANTHEM you stand up sir.

You stand and show some respect for the millions who died, of all races and religions, protecting your freedoms as well as respect for everyone in the stands who paid their hard-earned money to come watch you play football not make social activist statements. Save that for your own time. Go join a local group or form a Foundation and do something meaningful if it means that much to you.

But don’t sit on your butt disrespecting our military, your teammates and fans. You’re at work. If you can’t stand for the anthem, you can’t stand for the game. Stay home.

Boy this pisses me off as a military veteran.

Kaepernick, why don’t you use just some of your excessive money to make things better for those kids. After school programs, big brother’s, trade schools to teach them a high paying career. Put your excessive money where your mouth is. If you are not part of the solution you’re part of the problem, accomplishing nothing.

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