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Katrina Pierson: Hillary Knew Bill Was Cheating And She Blamed The Women! She’s No Champion!

Why is Hillary Clinton losing women? Because women – like men – aren’t some homogenous block of voters, walking in lockstep toward Hillary’s “historic” moment?

I think Americans are hungry for a President they can trust. These politicians work for we the people. They are public servants. When it becomes obvious that they are unethical, the court of public opinion will not support them. Women are smart and can recognize insincerity and lack of ethics.

Hillary has nothing of substance to offer and hopes that women all across the country are stupid enough to vote for her based on the sole factor of her gender. She is about to get a rude awakening.

Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson joined Megyn Kelly tonight and was on fire when she saw that red meat in the water.

From Fox News Insider:

Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson and Democratic National Committee member Robert Zimmerman clashed on “The Kelly File” tonight while discussing reports that Trump is preparing to attack Bill Clinton’s infidelities.

Pierson said this line of attack is not about the former president, but instead Hillary Clinton’s issues with trustworthiness, accountability, and hypocrisy.

“She knew her husband was cheating on her and she blamed it on the ‘vast ring-wing conspiracy,” Pierson said. “She knew that this was happening and shifted the blame onto the women … You can’t go around blaming other people for what you and your husband have done. That’s the problem.”

Zimmerman argued that Trump is trying to change the topic from his poor performance in the first presidential debate and distract from his dubious history with women.

“The bottom line here is, women are standing up in record numbers in support for Hillary Clinton,” Zimmerman stated.

Pierson asserted that Clinton may proclaim herself a “champion for women,” but she’s “failed miserably” at that.

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