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Kayla Mueller’s Family Said They Lost Hope To Save Kayla After Bergdahl Swap

President Obama wasn’t expecting criticism from the family of Kayla Mueller, the aid worker who was abducted and killed by ISIS. They said that Obama swapping the 5 Guantanamo detainees for Bowe Bergdahl last year dashed any hope of saving Kayla.

Her dad Carl thought they initially had a chance of saving her, explaining the situation in an interview today.

I really feel that we had a chance to get Kayla out. We were in communications with them, unlike other families. But how do you raise $6.2 million? You know, it pretty much made it impossible.

Her brother Eric added the following.

That made the whole situation worse.  Because that’s when the demands got greater. They got larger. They realized that they had something. They realized that, ‘Well, if they’re gonna let five people go for one person, why won’t they do this? Or why won’t they do that?’

The family had gone on to criticize the administration for putting “policy in front of American citizens’ lives.”

Not only did Obama release 5 of the most dangerous terrorists from Guantanamo for a traitor, but they put Bowe Bergdahl’s value above Kayla’s, someone who wasn’t a traitor and deserved to be rescued.

Bergdahl betrayed our country, and he gets saved, while Kayla was helping refugees around the world, yet wasn’t considered to be swapped by the Obama administration. This sort of upside down, lack of common sense thinking is nothing new to this president. His swap for Bergdahl by releasing more terrorists was part of his bigger plan to try and shut down Guantanamo for good. And now terrorists released are going back to the battleground and aiding our enemies. Obama’s plan to shut it down is progressing while empowering the enemy and ignoring the will of the American people.

The Mueller family was another victim of a president who puts his ideology and politics above the needs of citizens. The same case occurred with the family of the Benghazi victims, who are still waiting for all the answers and justice they deserve. The Mueller’s are going through a tremendous amount of agony and deserves our thoughts and prayers for them.

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Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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