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Keepin’ It Real With The Not-So Reverend Al

The not-so-Reverend Al Sharpton, noted race pimp and tax dodger, took to Twitter yesterday to demonstrate once again why he has never been able to pursue an honest vocation.

Al Sharpton Tweet

Naturally, conservatives across the country have been thoroughly outraged by the blatant exploitation of a tragic event in which at least 19 people have lost their lives. It would be easy to jump on the anti-Al bandwagon, but honestly I believe Al might be onto something.

Certainly, a person with his twisted, morally corrupt view of the world could see recent events in Texas, or anywhere else for that matter, as being retribution from God for slavery or racial discrimination, or perhaps deflated footballs. Whatever, it is certainly a valid question to ask.

Since God’s retribution is now open for discussion however, would it not be just as valid a question to ask if the current condition of the blacks in America is God’s retribution for their unwavering support of the Democrat party?

Well, I suppose you could say the high crime and unemployment rates, and the breakdown of the family are God’s retribution, but the truth is those things are just the logical outcome of voting Democrat.

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