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Kelly baits Trump supporters to riot in Cleveland on Twitter! Read the backlash!

WOW…and Megyn Kelly wanted Bill O’Reilly to defend her against Donald Trump?


Kelly took to Twitter to bait Trump fans into rioting at the GOP convention on her Twitter feed last night. Trump supporters haven’t shown the propensity to riot at any time during this election process, so why do this? This is unprofessional even for her.

Trump supporters attend his rallies and cheer, laugh and things that he says so for the most part, they are not violent, especially for the sizes of the crowds.

So why would Kelly tweet this? Doesn’t seem like to FOXNews is whoring out Donald Trump’s name to get ratings? If Kelly can have Trump on her show and she will bring on the worst anti-Trump voice to talk about Trump for the better part of her show, which is going down in the ratings.

Poor Megyn. I guess she doesn’t realize that when the ship is sinking it is every man for himself. She’s foolish to expect everyone else to continue her war against Donald. O’Reilly and Hannity see which way the wind is blowing. Megyn Kelly definitely will NOT be getting a seat in Trump’s press corps.

Kelly appears to be showing signs of a mental breakdown. . .bey denying reality, losing her sense of direction and aligning with the wrong crowd. . . and it also can show on her physical appearance like a modern day Dorian Grey she is devolving in front of our very eyes. . .

Read some of the Twitter reaction to her irresponsible action:


When will this stop? This type of journalism, this type of biased reporting is getting on my last nerve. Roger Ailes of FOXNews Will not take any action against Kelly right now because he thinks that she is the golden calf that brings in the money, but she is a weighted pull on the organization. Sooner or later she’s going to have to get back to reporting on the real news or she’s done.

What do you think of these reactions from these Twitter users about Megyn Kelly’s comment? Leave your comment below.


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