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Kelly, Krauthammer applaud Trump defending “NY values”; Cruz was speechless, utterly beaten on that topic

I have to admit I don’t agree with a lot of back and forth between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly as I don’t think it’s very productive. I think Charles Krauthammer is a beast at times when he’s speaking on issues, but he can be one-sided also but to be clear, he’s fair.

Ted Cruz probably thought he was trying to be funny with throwing out the New York values zinger at Donald Trump, but many will find it offensive.

I’ve said I think that sounds like Mitt Romney’s 47 percent statement from 2012 when you just discard people based on the past and won’t even try to win their vote. With Cruz using this “joke” as his supporters are rewriting his intent, it will be played over and over again by Democrats if he gets the GOP nomination and he will not have a shot at all.

Trump, on the other hand, could possibly win New York as he is from that state. They know him and don’t like Hillary, as she may have the FBI on her back for a while.


Kelly and Krauthammer surprised me last night when they sided with Trump and looked shocked and amazed they were agreeing with him and thought it was very effective. Believe me, it’s going to play well for Trump, and that’s from a down the middle news guy, not speaking from a supporter role.

The entire room was quiet when Trump finished his statement and Cruz had no response. At that point, it wasn’t funny. Check out the video analysis:

.Who do you think won this exchange? Share your comments below:

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