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Kellyanne Conway Calls Out Tim Kaine 70-Plus Interruptions During VP Debate!

What the hell happened last night?

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was on target this morning when she called out Sen. Tim Kaine for his atrocious demeanor during the 2016 VP debates wherein he interrupted Governor Mike Pence over 70 times. It didn’t play well on national television whether you are a political pundit or not.

Conway also took on the question about abortion and the way the two men gave their answers. Kaine tried to get underneath the skin of Pence but he bombed, and the entire world saw it.

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From Fox News:

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, speaking Wednesday morning on “Fox & Friends,” pointedly called out Kaine for the interruptions and even suggested his treatment of moderator Elaine Quijano undercuts the campaign’s appeal to women voters.

“He interrupted 72 times,” she said. “It doesn’t play well on TV … and frankly, the ignoring of the female moderator was a low point.”

Conway claimed the Clinton camp was dealing with a “one-two punch” – a day after Bill Clinton undercut his wife’s health care message by criticizing the “crazy” ObamaCare system, she said, Kaine spent Tuesday night “doing her no favors.”

“Why in the world was her running mate interrupting and ignoring a female moderator?” Conway said. “It was almost like he didn’t hear her.”

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