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Kellyanne Scores Again! Clinton Had 4 Days Rest; Came Back With Same Negativity

Hillary Clinton, after 25 years in government, has no marketable record to sell to the public. Last night, another $250,000 per plate Clinton Foundation gala-aka Bill’s birthday party, took place. Hillary should stick with being an elite party planner and leave running the country to others who care about things other than money.

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, is doing a brilliant job contrasting Hillary’s nothing but negative campaigning with Donald Trump continued the approach to help return America to that shiny city on a hill. Think about how great she is, then contrast her to the women of the Democratic Party leadership team…..Debbie Wasserman? Nancy Pelosi? Elizabeth Warren? Hil-liar-y. Every one of them mental. I must say.

While throwing everything, and I do mean everything, at Trump, she cries about a negative campaign. And today, she goes before the Congressional Black Caucus with Obama to stir the passion of racism in an effort to attempt to keep the black vote.

Clinton is using the same Saul Alinsky tactics Obama used to nullify our communities’ and weaken America’s moral fiber to try and label Trump. Clinton has collapsed the entire party as well as her campaign, she is so desperate.

Trump is going to win by a landslide on November 8th and we need to band together in prayer for strength for him and his team and for wisdom to flow through the nation to see that there needs to be a radical change in order to get the elite from running this country and going in circles every election cycle while the people are not going anywhere, and the elite do deals behind closed doors things to look at them over the last 30 years crooked as can be.

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