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Kentucky House Candidate Ashley Miller Suspended And Fined For 2013 Hazing Incident

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Democratic House Candidate for Kentucky’s 32nd legislative district Ashley Miller continues to stumble along her campaign. ANM News has uncovered more interesting information into Emerge Kentucky’s hand-picked candidate’s recent past.

Miller, a Pregnancy Options Counselor for Planned Parenthood was suspended and fined in 2013 for hazing prospective members of a networking organization for African-American women professionals, Delta Sigma Theta.

10392518_916259055068723_4955063280890006831_nDelta Sigma Theta has a Louisville chapter for adults called the Louisville Alumnae. Members do professional networking and community service through the organization.

Per their website, in May of 2013, Ashley Miller and four other women were suspended for 3 years and fined $1,500 each for hazing prospective members. They also state that they have a zero-tolerance hazing policy, which can be found here.


ANM News reported in a previous story on Miller’s risqué photo of her on the cover of a 2012 album from Nappy Roots, a Kentucky rap group as well as her work with Planned Parenthood.

Ashley Miller
Ashley Miller

Miller continues to take two steps back throughout this campaign as she struggles to persuade the conservative voting district of East Louisville that she will be the leader they need. She is going up against Republican Phil Moffett who defeated Shellie May in the GOP Primary back in May.

Miller’s recent incident could prove to be a crushing blow to her campaign. Kentucky voters are looking for leadership, not immature sorority tactics. The conservative voters of East Louisville’s 32nd District will not take too kindly to this type of behavior.

Moffett, a former gubernatorial candidate back in 2011 is a conservative businessman and man of strong American principles. He is co-founder of CCS Partners, a telecommunications management firm and also co‐founded School Choice Scholarships, a Louisville‐based charity which has awarded over 4,000 scholarships to low-income children, giving them the opportunity to attend private elementary and middle schools chosen by their parents or guardians.

Regarding this latest hazing incident, Moffett tells ANM News that, “My opponent’s hazing activities, as an adult for goodness sake, simply disqualifies her for public office. Coupling this with her ties to the abortion industry and her RAP album cover modeling, I cringe at the idea of her visiting our local elementary schools as an elected official. We need people in office our children can look up to.”

Kentucky voters have two candidates with completely different views and ways to address the problems that face Kentuckians, but we will wait and see if this latest incident hurts Miller. This race is viewed as key in deciding which party controls the House. Currently, Democrats hold a 54-46 majority.

Moffett has been endorsed by Kentucky Right to Life, while Miller has been endorsed by the Reproductive Rights for Kentucky PAC.

Voters will go to the polls on November 4th to cast their votes for who they feel will better represent their values and principles.

Cross-post from ANM News.

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