Kentucky Should Have Ditched Mitch

Since 2010, many outspoken and passionate conservatives have talked about the need to “clean house” on the Hill. Not just Democrats but Republicans as well who have lost their way and become advocates of bigger more progressive government. Many names have popped up during these last four years like McCain, Graham, Boehner and McConnell. Well, last night McConnell in all his “establishment progressive glory” beat the actual conservative in the race, Matt Bevin. Oh sure, Mitch has long been a dirty politician with backdoor deals and bugging opponents offices but hey, Bevin spoke at a cock fight or something.

Really? Forget that McConnell voted to fund Obamacare last year and has been very straightforward about his support for amnesty. Bevin went to a cock fight. THE HORROR.

mmI’m struggling with this – I threw a somewhat impressive temper tantrum in social media because of it and was surprised by the responses I received. Many people telling me to grow up and get over it and McConnell won and so we have to get behind him and unify the party, we don’t want a Democrat to take his seat, blah blah blah. I say “blah blah blah” because that’s what it sounded like after the 30th or so person got on my case for being angry about the McConnell win. I’m sorry but I can’t “get over it” when we’ve spent four years talking about holding the establishment accountable, cleaning house, putting in new voices and leaders and then a dog like Mitch wins the primary. I won’t “grow up” if that means accepting a candidate simply because he has an R by his name, especially when he’s acted like a D.

Blah blah blah indeed.

Another argument I keep hearing is that we must take the Senate and I agree with this HOWEVER, if we take the Senate with progressive Republicans like Mitch McConnell are we really winning? Does the R by his name magically make him the right guy for the job? I saw a Libertarian talking about Mitch and he said something that stood out to me, he said the people supporting Mitch and crying out for unification of party only care that their party is in power and that the other guys lose. For far too many it seems party trumps principle and it’s the lesser of two evils or some other nonsense.  Using fear to convince people to vote a certain way reminds me of something the left does, not conservatives (that being said, this specific debate has clearly outlined to me the differences between conservatives and Republicans).

So congrats Kentucky Republicans. You’ve given your voice to a man who in addition to funding legislation that could ultimately destroy healthcare as we know it and supporting amnesty, is a man who said he would crush the Tea Party. He didn’t say he’d crush the Democrats, he didn’t say he’d crush liberals… no. And in crushing the Tea Party he will crush smaller, more accountable government, liberty and the Constitution.

And I’m the one who’s supposed to grow up?

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