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Kevin Dotson is producing documentary on Black Tea Party members, Yours Truly Was Interviewed During CPAC2013

OK yes, it’s another Chris Matthews sort of bashing period but this time, I happened to see someone who I noticed at CPAC2013. No it’s not Kim Brown, the one who went looking for racist happenings and when she didn’t find any she made it up. During a Tea Party Patriots breakout session on Thursday morning, I was fortunate enough to visit and stand and listen to what they were planning to do over the length of the conference. An older gentlemen had a question for the moderator which dealt with racism.

“What do you do when you are being called a racist and you know that you are not one” is the question the gentlemen had.

I raised my hand and told him:

“You are not racist sir! Just because you want to use historical facts and you are a patriot of your country, the term racism is being pimped on the streets of America like a prostitute. Stay on message! You can’t make the left accept what you are speaking about. They prostitute that word when they want to shut down the conversation each and every time.”

I did say just a little bit more but that was the main summary of my statement. After the session was over, I was greeted with handshakes and thanks.  A young black man came up to me and asked me if it were OK to do a quick video for a documentary that he had been working on for the last two years. I was like sure. He asked me a series of questions and I spoke from the heart outside the Tea Party Patriots breakout session room.


The individual in this video, Kevin Dotson, was that young man. I am wondering what view, what angle he will taking when the documentary comes out. Hopefully this is not a hit piece or I shall be very angry.

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