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Kevin McCarthy says until border is secure, immigration reform wont be part of conversation

During an interview with Fox News’s Chris Wallace, the newly elected House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy said that until the borders are secure, we cannot have a conversation about anything else. This is huge if McCarthy actually stands by his words. Some of his biggest critics have been concerned that he would push for an immigration deal before addressing the critical situation at our southern border.

Here is an excerpt of what he said,

I’m on record saying nothing about immigration, until we secure the borders. The borders are not secure.

Look at the humanitarian crisis that is happening right now along the border states. These are children coming from three major countries in Central America. They’re going across. Kids are dying.

Who knows (ph) what’s happening when it comes to human trafficking and others, it’s because our borders are not secure. Until you secure the borders, you cannot have the conversation about anything else.

McCarthy continued,

I don’t believe there should be citizenship. I believe in the rule of law. I believe there’s an opportunity. But if you don’t secure the borders, there’s nothing.

Until we secure the borders, because the borders are not secure, we’re not enforcing the laws. And I think that’s a reasonable position. Until that’s secure, you can’t have an immigration debate.

Watch the entire segment below:

h/t Real Clear Politics

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