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Kid Rock has a message for Al Sharpton’s organization protesting use of confederate flag – Kiss My Ass!

Members from the National Action Network, which is Al Sharpton’s extortion wing, went to the Detroit Museum of history to protest an exhibit that Kid Rock had funded bearing his name. The dozen or so demonstrators demanded that Kid Rock either denounce the flag or the museum take his name off of the exhibit.


Rock has come under fire for his use of the Confederate flag during his concerts amid the nationwide outrage. Up until yesterday, he had remained silent on the issue, but now he has a message for those protesting him, and you’re going to want to hear it.

Last night on her show, Fox News host Megyn Kelly relayed a message from Kid Rock to those causing trouble in his hometown, and it’s everything we would expect from him. Now, for those who may still call him racist after this, keep in mind that he does have a black son, Bobby Jr., which is hard to carry out if you’re blinded by hatred due to the color of someone’s skin – you know, the true definition of racism.

“Please tell the people who are protesting to Kiss my ass!”

Kid Rock’s statement said, and I don’t think he stuttered when he said that. BOOM! I guess that settles that, wouldn’t you say? Gotta love an American Badass. Maybe now that the “activists” from Sharpton’s group know where Rock stands, they can go back to doing what they usually do — threatening businesses with racist accusations if they don’t pay them to go away.

Watch this report from Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File”

What do you think of Kid Rock’s defiance? Do you stand with him? Share your thoughts and feelings below in our comment section!

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