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Kill. Them. All. Hamas Murders 3 Israeli Teens – Time To Erase The Scum

Three Israeli teens (one held dual Israeli/American citizenship) who were kidnapped by Hamas over two weeks ago were found shot to death in the West Bank. Israel is blaming Hamas. Eyal Yifrach, 19; Gilad Shaar, 16 and Naftali Frenkel (an Israeli American), 16 were hitchhiking home when they were kidnapped.


Hamas is a terrorist organization that Obama has agreed to work with as they are a partner in the Palestinian government. If the president had any balls, or love for Israel, or anything good, he would cut ties to Hamas, and proceed to bomb them off the face of the planet. Of course, Obama hates Israel, so he will do no such thing. He will continue to work with these demonic empowered, scumbag murderers.

Netanyahu responded to the deaths of the teens by saying, ‘Hamas will pay.’ Hell yeah. I sure hope so.

Hopefully Israel will show these monsters no mercy. Kill every last member of Hamas & be done with them. That’s how you deal with barbarian terrorist scum.





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