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KKK Grand Wizard Endorses Hillary Clinton Due To Hidden Agenda! [VIDEO]

The media loves to paint Donald Trump as a racist by inviting race-baiting commentators on to spread their false narrative while not be called out on their sources or provided legitimate facts. We all know we can’t stop people from endorsing a presidential candidate, but the liberal media doesn’t give that disclaimer nor do the so-called experts.

Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Will Quigg who openly endorsed Donald Trump last year retracted that for Hillary Clinton and the media hasn’t brought up this issue with her at all. Yet, CNN’s Jake Tapper and others went after Trump for disavowing the KKK endorsement he has already previous disavowed many times before.

From Telegraph UK:

Will Quigg, a grand dragon of the Klan’s California chapter and responsible for recruitment in the western United States, is less keen to give Mr. Trump the dubious benefit of his support.

“We want Hillary Clinton to win,” Mr. Quigg told The Telegraph. “She is telling everybody one thing, but she has a hidden agenda. She’s telling everybody what they want to hear so she can get elected because she’s Bill Clinton’s wife, she’s close to the Bushes. [But] once she’s in the presidency, she’s going to come out and her true colours are going to show.

“Border policies are going to be put in place. Our second amendment rights [favouring gun ownership] that she’s saying she’s against now, she’s not against. She’s just our choice for the presidency.”

Quigg didn’t have quite the welcome in Anaheim last year when he tried to demonstrate in a black community. But here is where Quigg said he was for Hillary Clinton, watch it unfold below:

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