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Krauthammer: Obamacare “Written Deliberately To Force Employers To Kick People Off Their Plans”

ObamaCare makes health insurance more expensive by mandating benefits that not everyone wants or needs. Liberal answer – let’s put in place subsidies to mitigate against that expense for low income people.

Here we see the liberal vision for the economy. They want to control it all. They want to control what energy we produce and consume. They want to control what food we produce and consume. They want to control what healthcare is available and what we consume. They know that their actions make all of these goods and services more expensive so they put in place ever more income redistribution schemes to shield low income people from their actions.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: If I could add one point on Target canceling the health insurance for part-time workers. They are spinning it as, we have to do that because otherwise they won’t be able to acquire subsidies on the exchanges. And so you have to ask yourself, why is that so? Why aren’t the part-time workers allowed a choice? Stay with Target, stay with your doctor, or go on the exchanges and get a subsidy.

So what it tells you is the bill was written deliberately to force employers to kick people off their plans so that would be the only way to get the subsidies. In fact, what it tells you is that none of this is an unintended side effect of the creation of Obamacare. The purpose of Obamacare was to destroy the relationship between the employer and the employee in getting health care, and that’s exactly why millions of people are being tossed off and millions more will be as the larger employers start tossing people off later in the year.

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