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KY school forces Charlie Brown school production to cut “bible verse”

It’s a school production people! It’s a freaking school play that little kids are putting on for their parents!

This is beyond lunacy! This is deeply disturbing on at least a couple of levels. It is censorship of the original text. I thought the ACLU championed free speech and was against censorship. You can’t have it both ways, people! And secondly, the birth of Jesus Christ is the “reason for the season.”



According to Reuters:

A Biblical reference made by a Peanuts character has been cut from an elementary school performance of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in eastern Kentucky in order to abide by federal laws and court rulings that schools may not endorse any religion, school officials and protesters said.

The show is scheduled to be performed on Thursday at W.R. Castle Elementary in Wittensville, roughly 90 miles east of Lexington, according to local media. The school is in Johnson County.

“The U.S. Supreme Court and the 6th Circuit are very clear that public school staff may not endorse any religion when acting in their official capacities and during school activities,” the superintendent of Johnson County Schools, Thomas R. Salyer, said in a statement posted online regarding school plays at county elementary schools.

The school district did not specify which plays would be affected. Alliance Defending Freedom, a nonprofit religious advocacy group, cited the Charlie Brown performance in a request that the district reverse its decision.

“Schools should not have to think twice about whether they can allow students to perform a classic Christmas production simply because it contains Biblical references,” Matt Sharp, an ADF attorney, said in a statement.

Re-enacting a Charlie Brown show is no more an endorsement for religion then re-enacting Hamlet is an endorsement for murder.

What are your thoughts about this message liberals are sending to our kids? Share your comments below.

h/t – Reuters


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