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Land Grab: The Federal Government Mismanages What It Owns and Wants More

It’s madness. There are 623 million acres under Federal control already, and Obama is asking Congress to permanently authorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund which will expire in 2015. Permanent authorization would establish a fund that provides $900 million per year to buy up more land. Where the does the Constitution declare that the Federal Government gets first option on all undeveloped lands? This is simply fascism on the march. Get what they want to do here. Congress would add almost another billion a year to the debt of future generations. For what? To add to the power and might of this malignant Government. This is a return to the English feudal system. In the end we will have traded the “divine right of kings”, for the, “extorted rights of unionized bureaucrats”.

The “enumeration clause” of the 9th amendment, and the “reservation clause” of the 10th reaffirm the contract theory of government as held by Locke and then Madison. That is within the, “all powers not delegated to the federal government”, are property ownership, except for specific Constitutional purposes, such as military bases and government offices. There was never any intent or authorization for the central government to own massive blocks of lands which, as under the feudal system, they would lease to citizens for private purposes, grazing, logging, tourism, mining, etc. This practice is a grotesque violation of Constitutional principles.

In the same way the Bureau of Land Management is another unconstitutional monstrosity. An agency which lacks constitutional basis and certainly lacks the police powers it has recently asserted. This is a regulatory agency. Why does it need its own, militarized, enforcement branch? Why can’t the BLM call the cops like every other landlord does when he’s having troubled on a property? Another example of fascism on the march.

The land in the hands of this Government should be in steady decline, rather than growing. As the Government acquires more land, the people have less power, or as Marx put it, “The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish private property.” When the central government owns 85% of an allegedly sovereign state, what kind of sovereignty is that? See Nevada. There are another 8 states in which the Feds own over 40% of the land, 5 of them are over 50% “owned” by Washington. To put it in perspective, the Federal Government currently owns roughly the land equivalent of the following European countries; France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

These corrupt Federal mediocrities are asserting control over education, healthcare, our food, energy, speech, communications, transportation, and own more and more of the land. Does anyone really believe we can maintain what little remains our freedom, if this metastasis continues? Federal land holdings are not only dangerously excessive, but these “tin-horns” in Washington actually think that they own this portfolio. It’s part of their Federal empire. Thus they won’t willingly begin to hand most of it back to its rightful owners, which would be the states and citizens of same.

The property holdings enumerated here are only part of this foul Federal domain. This is from the Conclusion of the Institute for Energy Research report from January of 2013:

“The U.S. government owns assets both above and below the ground that could be better managed through sale or lease. The above-the-ground assets include underutilized buildings as well as roads, levees, rail infrastructure, and hydroelectric generating facilities to name a few. GAO estimated the cost to the taxpayer of annual expenses to underutilized buildings at $1.66 billion annually. These facilities could be sold, but for the onerous rules that the government has for environmental and structural issues regarding the properties.”
“In contrast, the government owns an enormously large mineral estate (oil, natural gas, and coal resources) that has an estimated total worth to the economy of over $150 trillion, over 9 times the national debt. If these resources were leased, the oil and gas revenues alone could earn tens of billions in annual state and national government royalties, rents, and bonus payments.”

This assessment does not include subsidiary economic activity, the jobs and tax revenues that would come from opening these lands to safe development as incidentally, every other nation in the world does. But no…. can’t do that. Instead let’s buy-up more land while we waste $100 billion a year that we don’t have, on politicized, “green energy” swindles. The Land and Water Conservation Act has outlived its usefulness and in fact become a burden on the American taxpayer due to the inefficient management of the assets the central government now controls.

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