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Largest contributor to Ted Cruz, Club for Growth shells out $2M in attack ads for Donald Trump

Please remember, when large companies and organizations shell out millions of dollars to “help” you, they aren’t doing it because they “like” you.

Club For Growth  has decided to fight Donald Trump every tooth and nail after  the GOP front-runner turned down a request to donate $1,000,000 to their organization. Here’s the letter Trump made public on twitter:


After Trump turned them down, he went on Twitter to call them out publicly to show the voters money in politics is bad business. Club for Growth then decided to back Sen. Ted Cruz and has been pouring money into the Texas candidate to defeat Trump with sustained attack TV ads. They claimed responsibility for defeating Trump in Iowa too.

Check out this latest story from The Hill:

It’s the largest anti-Trump ad buy yet by Club for Growth Action, which has emerged as a leading critic of Trump.

David McIntosh, the group’s president, argued that “momentum is shifting away” from Trump following his losses to Sen Ted Cruz (R-Texas) over the weekend in Kansas and Maine. Cruz and Trump also tied for delegates in Louisiana’s primary.

“Republican voters don’t want a big-government liberal like Donald Trump at the top of the GOP ticket,” McIntosh said.

“They know that Trump would cost Republicans the White House, the Senate majority, and, ultimately, the Supreme Court. It will be no surprise to see the numbers tighten in tomorrow’s primaries and caucus.”

McIntosh then called the front-runner out for his “far-left positions on taxes, health care, bailouts and the abuse of eminent domain” before making a reference to Trump’s satement in Thursday’s debate that he was changing his position on green cards for high-skilled workers.

“And now he sounds like the worst kind of politician, warning voters that he will change positions when he feels like it,” McIntosh said.

“The shell game that is the Trump candidacy needs to be stopped.”

So I guess the question is, why is Cruz associated with this group? He hasn’t denounced them or returend their monies. Check out who is largest contributor to the Cruz campaign below:


Check out what some of the twitter uses are saying about Club for Growth:

h/t – The Hill

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