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Largest U.S. Border Patrol Union: Trump is “only candidate” to support our mission

This speaks huge volumes and rings throughout the political world.  Hillary Clinton, in a recent interview stated the border was fine and  immigrants entering the country have slowed down. Horse Hockey!

Americans have not been happy with the southern border between the United States and Mexico. We’ve known for a while illegal immigrants are coming across unchecked, and while some may be harmless, it’s still illegal. Most of the degenerates are dangerous carrying nothing but ideas to murder, sell drugs, or gain benefits from liberal dependency government programs.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump has been highlighting this as a  major part of his campaign, and many across America has been signing on to his fight. Most to all are doing this because the government has promised to fix it and hasn’t and they believe he will.

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Now he received great news days before the Arizona Primary:

The largest U.S. Border Patrol union local is praising Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for being the “only candidate” to support their tough mission, an almost endorsement that is the latest boost for the front runner’s campaign.

“Mr. Trump is the only candidate that has publicly expressed his support of our mission and our agents. He has been an outspoken candidate on the need for a Secure Border and for this we are grateful,” said a statement from Art Del Cueto, president of Local 2544 of the National Border Patrol Council, the representative of 18,000 agents.

How great is that! These men are on the borders every day, working to keep America safe under bottleneck legislation by the Obama Administration and they feel Trump will help them do their job a lot more effective if he was in office.

What do you think of these strong endorsement by the Border Patrol union? Share your comments below and let us know what you think. Add this to your Facebook/Twitter timeline for discussion.

h/t – Washington Examiner

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