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TOO LATE? Beck: Trump Is Now President And I Will Reach Out

Let’s be honest.

The real reason why Glenn Beck is changing his tune is because he has to. He lost half of his listeners when he refused to support GOP nominee Donald Trump. At the very least he should have just stayed out of the fray. Now his real character is in question. If he starts a bond with Trump, what happens to the rest of his listeners who heard the continuous daily war drums?

Beck was against Trump from the beginning. He has never supported him or tried to help him in any way. In fact, he did everything he could to try and derail Trump and cost him the election. Now that Trump has won he wants to jump on the Trump Train. First thing Trump does that Beck doesn’t like he will be back to bashing him again.

No thanks. I have another question. What about his supporters who stuck it out with the Walt Disney of Texas? After all that hate they spewed against their friends, unfriending and blocking because of Beck’s daily rants against Trump, how will they react?

From Glenn Beck Show:

I am reaching out today. I will call him today,” Beck said in response. “Whether he takes my call — and I’m not saying he’s going to shun it. I mean, he’s now the president-elect. So he’s a little busy.

But I will call him today. And if I don’t get a hold of him, I will write a letter, and I will even post the letter so you can read it. And I will reach out to him today.

He has our support, as I said from the beginning. We will give whoever is a president our support. That would have gone for Hillary Clinton as well. I won’t sell out my values, but I will support you.

We cannot — we cannot have a failed presidency. And anyone who is — who says they want to be the president of all people, I am — I’m there.

He has said before, he doesn’t need us, doesn’t need our audience, or whatever. And that’s campaign. He’s now the president. We are there. At least I am there, and this show is there. So whatever we can do to help him, as long as we’re staying constitutional, we’re there.

Trump needs Beck’s support like a whole in the head.

He owes Trump massive apologies not support. Trump refused to give Beck the time of day when he asked for an interview after saying terrible things about him and Trump should continue to ignore mentally unstable Beck now, which he probably won’t, because the President-Elect is a caring man.

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