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Laura Ingraham Blasts Bush Ahead Of His Speech at CPAC 2015

Conservative talk show host took the stage at CPAC 2015 this morning and immediately launched into a withering attack on one of the speakers slated to follow her later in the day. Her remarks were aimed at former Florida Governor Jeb Bush who is set for an on-stage interview with another talk show host, Sean Hannity in the afternoon.

Ingraham spoke against the idea of a candidate coronation by “fifty rich families”, and insisted that candidates be willing to debate the issues. She listed a number of qualities she looked for in candidates, one of which was that they should be proud to be called a conservative.

In her most direct jab at Bush, Ingraham said sarcastically that we could just dispense with primaries and let Bush and Clinton run on the same ticket. “Look at all the things they agree on,” she said, listing issues such as amnesty and common core.

Continuing her criticism of Bush, Ingraham took him to task for his remarks that immigrants were more productive, more entrepreneurial, and more fertile than Americans. She was even more critical of his plans to solve the problems in Detroit. “Can you believe he really wants to repopulate Detroit with illegal immigrants?”

The former Florida Governor is scheduled to address a very Conservative crowd that is unlikely to be especially receptive to his more moderate views. Bush’s recent assertion that Republican candidates could win without Conservative voters has not endeared him to the majority of the Conference’s attendees.

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