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Laura Ingraham – “Jesus Is Used to Being Shut Out of Popular Culture;” Religions sound crickets!

On Fox and Friends this morning, Laura Ingraham weighed in on the Middle East violence and the Republicans’ opposition to the possible nomination of UN Ambassador Susan Rice as the next Secretary of State.

But she also discussed the situation in Santa Monica, California, where city officials decided to end the 60-year-long tradition of putting up Nativity displays along a main street.

The city decided to stop putting up the Christmas scenes after many of the displays were taken over by atheist protesters last year. A group of churches took legal action to keep the tradition going, but yesterday a judge ruled in favor of the city’s decision.

Ingraham said the case is part of a strategy on the part of atheist groups, and other organizations, to overwhelm cities and states with lawsuits and legal action until officials just say ‘forget it.’

“Jesus is used to this, that’s the good news. Jesus is used to being shut out of the popular culture. This judge [Audrey Collins] is a Clinton appointee, and her reasoning is that, ‘Look, there are other parks where this Nativity scene can be put up, so it’s not an undue burden on the First Amendment,” Ingraham said.

Via FoxNews

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