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‘Law And Order: SVU’ To Air Episode of Wealthy Prez Candidate Charged With Raping Child

I used to watch Law and Order before the parts began changing so many times I couldn’t keep up with the characters anymore but after learning what they are doing to attack Donald Trump before the November elections. I promise I won’t be watching anything with their name on it ever again, not even in reruns.

Law and Order have created an episode that will air on TV October 26 that will depict a wealthy man who is running for the White House being accused of raping a child. This episode was supposed to air November 9, but they changed a few lines in the story and moved it before the election.

Hey NBC, while you’re at it. Write an episode of Hillary Clinton murderous reign trying to be president, start with Benghazi, then an episode of her ‘losing 30,000 confidential emails. Then an episode of how Hillary treated & blackballed every woman she caught Bill with. The stories are endless with Hillary. She is a mean, nasty woman.

From Yahoo News:

NBC’s “Law & Order” franchise has a long history of dedicating episodes to stories “ripped from the headlines,” as the show likes to promote, and an upcoming episode of “Law & Order: SVU” will do just that when it tackles a Donald Trump-like character.

In an episode titled “Unstoppable” that is set to air on October 26, Gary Cole(“Veep”) will play a character described as a “wealthy and boorish man who makes a run for the White House,” according to Variety.

Aspects of the story are inspired by the civil lawsuit pending against the Republican presidential nominee by a woman who alleges she was raped by Trump when she was 13 years old in the mid-1990s.

The anonymous “Jane Doe” filed the lawsuit in June. Trump has denied the allegation. A hearing has been set for December 16 in a New York court.

According to Variety, the episode has been highly scrutinized within the walls of NBC. The story, written by a veteran of the show, Julie Martin, and showrunner Rick Eid, has undergone adjustments and the air date has changed numerous times. It was at one time slotted for November 9, the day after Election Day.

However, NBC has confirmed in the Variety story that the episode will air on October 26.

NBC has been in the midst of a Trump controversy since footage recently surfaced from a 2005 “Access Hollywood” segment featuring Trump. The tape captures him making lewd and aggressive comments about women. Since then dozens of GOP leaders and members of Congress have distanced themselves from Trump.

Please do tell where the woman is? Also explain why she dropped it from California courts after she was told she had no evidence, no proof and was asked why her parents were not there.

It’s truly amazing what the system is doing because of how scared they are of Donald Trump becoming the next president. The lengths they are going to deter his candidacy should be enough of an eye opener for both parties.

The entire system is against this man. That alone as an American citizen should make you want to vote for him. But no, we decide to be blinded and misconstrued by this system. Told when what and how to believe the misconception provided by every single media outlet!

This so called rape case sounds like an extortion case like the Cosby case. Progressive liberals will believe what ever the news media. and Democratic party (aka their masters) order them to. What a bunch of people that cant think for themselves.

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