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Left, Please Don’t Save Us From Ourselves By: RockPrincess

We tried communism; it didn’t work. We should have known when it was imposed upon people at the point of a gun.

Like most radical ideologies, the socialists would argue that it failed because the wrong people ran it. There are some fine examples of left-wing, government-controlled societies.

All are failures—every one of them—which is why they are folding or embracing the concepts of capitalism.

I am neither far-left nor far-right but, a government-controlled society does not work. It does not matter if it is ultra-right or ultra-left Such a government-centric society only leads to abuse by the government powers that be. History demonstrates this time and again, and what is the one fundamental fact about history?

Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Governments out of control and oppressing the people are rife in our current world. What President Obama and his supporters want is nothing more than to expand bad government policies that only oppresses the people.

Do I think we need to get rid of all government agencies? No, but I do think that many need to go away, and those that would be left need to be greatly reworked.

In the left’s minds, we do not have enough naturally honest and altruistic people in the world who could properly manage such a system. Therefore, they must force their ideology on all of us by taking from the productive members of society, and giving to the non-productive members, setting themselves up as the sole judges of “excessive wealth” and “need.”

The “wealthy” and the “needy” alike are sacrificed to the Liberal creed. One would think it would be much easier to trust the individual to manage his or her own lives. Apparently not, since the communist-minded out there want to control your lives for you. After all, you are too much of a simpleton to manage your own life.

Of course, the opposite is true. The truly needy can obtain temporary help through direct charity, family, friends, and neighbors; and have a natural incentive to become independent as soon as possible. The Liberal assertion that only through official government aid can the needy truly be taken care of is no more valid than the presumption that government assistance really helps.

In the ultimate act of degradation, their “help” is offered in a manner that implies the inferiority of the beneficiaries. This condescension—most obviously expressed in Affirmative Action—actually reinforces the stigma of inferiority that it claims to counteract.

Overall, the relationship between the “helper” bureaucracies and the “needy” recipients transforms the recipients from potentially capable humans into leeches (through little to no fault of their own); and then converts the politicians and bureaucrats from public servants into the moral equivalent of drug dealers.

To help visualize how this doctrine plays out, the population can be divided into two general categories: those who hate and mistrust themselves, and so hate and mistrust everyone else (the Collectivists); and those who love and trust themselves, and are thus capable of loving and objectively (and independently) judging the trustworthiness of others (the Individualists)

Collectivists are addicted to control. Individualists are devoted to Liberty.image

Unfortunately, if you want the majority of the country to understand this, you have to find a way to dumb it down to a bumper sticker.

At some point, we will regret having allowed people like Obama and the rest of the cast of economic and social “feel-good” fools to rule America.

About Rock Princess

EDGY Conservative/Libertarian leaning chick in California with a rebellious spirit!

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