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Leftists Attempt to Turn Every Conservative Belief into Conspiracy Theory

Image © F. DeRuvo
Image © F. DeRuvo

I wrote an article yesterday on my own blog about how leftists are redefining culture. Most of what they do involves redefining terms and definitions to suit them.

For instance, I pointed out that now, “hatred” as defined by the left ultimately means holding to a belief with which they disagree. For instance, a number of years ago, if you believed that homosexuality was/is wrong, you were called a “hater.” It was something that was repeated over and over again and today, has become accept as “fact.”

With the recent Michael Sam situation, we’ve seen that very clearly. When a Dolphins player tweeted his feelings when a photo was shown of Michael Sam kissing his gay boyfriend, the NFL immediately fined the player and informed him he would have to take educational training.

When Tim Tebow was constantly ridiculed and vilified for his Christianity, the NFL did nothing. Why? It’s because Christians are “haters” because of their biblical belief that homosexuality is wrong.

We have seen and can catalog many of these situations even beyond the issue of homosexuality.

But the real problem – that I’ll be discussing on my radio show Truth Trends tomorrow evening at 7:00pm (on WAARadio) has to do with the actual root of the problem. What I’ve described above with Sam and Tebow is merely a symptom of the problem.

Have you ever tried to kill weeds in your yard without going after the root? Have you ever cut down a tree without removing the stump? In order to ensure that nothing grows back, the actual root has to be dealt with and I do not believe conservatives in general are dealing with the root problem. We are putting out (or attempting to put out) fires as they spring up, but in many ways, those fires also work to hide the root.

I believe the root cause of the problems in society has to do with the way the power brokers – Global Elite, if you will – works from the core outward to change society.

First, they control the conversation. Conservatives are almost always left with simply responding to the subject matter they highlight. We need to pick and choose our battles and not respond to everything they highlight. When we do, we have lost sight of the root problem.

One of the best things that the left does is attempt to define everything conservatives believe in as one conspiracy theory after another. When we continue to push for the truth about Benghazi, what does the left do? They ridicule. They downplay. They cover for one another by focusing on conservatives and their “conspiracy theories.” They treat it as if Benghazi is a huge joke because by doing so, they hope to break down our will to push on. This is Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to a “t.”

When they start ridiculing us, we need to realize that we have struck a serious chord. We need to see their ridicule as one of the last ditch efforts to derail us. Once we realize this, we can then simply continue on without an inordinate reaction (anger) to their ridicule. If we take the time to react strongly to their ridicule, then we are giving them power over the conversation and us. We need to stop doing that NOW.

It’s the same with the Fast and Furious or IRS scandals. We must simply roll ahead without flinching and without emotion so that we can get the job done.

But the other part of the problem has to do with the make-up of Washington, DC itself. As conservatives, we can rally together against the left. That’s not a problem because we see them for what they are – evil, disingenuous, anti-American, and people to be loathed.

It’s not as easy when it comes to looking at the those who are supposedly on the right side of the aisle. We’ve learned that many are RHINOs and as time goes on, more of them seem to come out of the woodwork.

This is a perfect example of not seeing the root problem. By focusing on individuals, we think that we are successfully noting the problem. On one hand that’s true because those RINOs need to be voted out. On the other hand, I fully believe that the entire political system on the national level is broken and has been broken for some time. I’m speaking primarily of voting for the president.

Too many continue to believe that our vote for the president counts. I’m sorry, but no one gets to be president in America without the express approval of the Global Elite. We can go back to Woodrow Wilson and work from that point to the present to show how nearly every president, regardless of party affiliation, did the bidding of the Global Elite.

Remember after the 2012 presidential election where many precincts had well over 100% of voters voting for Obama? In Philadelphia, if I recall, there were many precincts where not one vote was cast for Mitt Romney. In Florida and other states, some precincts indicated that over 140% of voters voted for Obama.

Conservatives began to cry foul and claimed that voter fraud was the cause. The left became hysterical, denying it with the worst form of ridicule. Yet, as Wayne Dupree pointed out just days ago, while Dems continue to say that voter fraud doesn’t exist, Dems keep getting arrested for voter fraud.

Conservatives need to step back and start focusing on how to “kill” the root of the problem. We are wasting too much time focusing on this tendril or that one. While we chop off one branch, three more grow back.

It’s time to stop being sidetracked by the left as they force us to respond to their conversation. I say ignore them unless the situation is the root of the problem.

Next time, we’ll talk more about the root and how to destabilize it.

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Dr. Fred is the author of numerous articles and a growing number of books related to conservative theology and politics. Fred has earned a Bachelor's degree in Bible, a Masters in Theology, and a Doctorate in Theology. Fred's weekly program - Truth Trends - is heard on Wayne Dupree's WAARadio network from 7:00pm to 8:00pm EST.

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