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Leftists Infiltrate Conservative Groups on Social Media

While it has been known to happen, this article isn’t about leftist infiltration per say, it’s more about those who cry infiltration because they have a beef with someone. Here’s a funny story about a conservative author, Benghazi, Alec Baldwin’s conservative cousin, Harriet, and someone crying “ACORN!”

Several weeks ago I received an email from a woman (Kristen Snow-White) who asked me to write an article on a certain conservative author. She had done a lot of research on the author, and had come to the conclusion that he used an anonymous Twitter account, in part to attack those he disagreed with. After going over some of her findings, my interest was piqued. Who’s the author? Jack Cashill, the famous birther who wrote “Deconstructing Obama.”

Comparing writing samples of each, Kristen became convinced that Cashill operated the birther Twitter account @FrankMDavisJR (That account was suspended, and is now @TP_Fire_Ants). The person behind the account goes by the nom de guerre, “Proe,” or “Proe Graphique.”

From the @FrankMDavisJR account, Proe ran an apparent Tea Party group called the “Tea Party Fire Ants,” aka TPFA. Proe is a serious birther, and conspiracy theorist, in the same vein as Jack Cashill. Proe worked with a woman named Kathy Amidon aka @TPFA_KathyA on Twitter. Kathy is the co-leader of the TPFA, and participated in attacks on various individuals.

Then there are the groups like the Tea Party Fire Ants whose focus is far afield from the core principles of the movement. As a result the Tea Party is now often associated with fringe or unelectable candidates, social issues and money-grubbing political insiders.
Thomas J. Basile – Forbes

Proe, along with the few people who would call themselves TPFA, was always Tweeting members of Congress, trying to get them to support a select committee for Benghazi. Nothing wrong with that. It’s an endeavor many of us undertook. The problem began when he started attacking other conservatives who were doing the same because he considered Benghazi “his turf.”

Several activists (including myself) were working on getting a Benghazi select committee when we encountered Proe. We had organized Twitter events where we would trend Benghazi, or JusticeForBenghazi4, and Tweet to GOP members of Congress in an effort to get them to sponsor Rep. Wolf’s bill for the committee. The Proe fellow was quite a nasty person, and wanted all of the credit for anything done with Benghazi. He tried to claim it was he & his group that accomplished everything. He expected everyone to follow his orders, and if you didn’t, you couldn’t be in his “club.” Anyone who crossed him would be labeled a “liberal troll” who worked for ACORN. Hell, I think I was even called that. I know a bunch of people who I worked with on Benghazi were, too. It was truly laughable, and petty. Many people involved with TPFA up & quit because of Proe’s nasty attitude.

The group I was working with on Benghazi included the founder of PJNET, Mark Prasek, BossHoggUSMC, Cubfanbeerguy, and Stacy Straka-Rush from the Wayne Dupree Show. Proe would attack us, saying we were libs, that Benghazi was “his” project and not anyone else’s. The guy was on a real power trip. We thought about taking him on, but, we figured this guy just fed on attention, so, we let him be.

You can see Proe, aka FrankMDavisJR, saying that I work for ACORN in these Tweets (I’m iResistAll on Twitter).
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Here you see Proe attacking US Marine “BossHogg” who was working on Benghazi with us.
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Side note: One person who Proe attacked regularly was Harriet Baldwin. Harriet is actor Alec Baldwin’s cousin, although, Harriet is quite conservative. Hell, Alec & Harriet don’t even get along because they are so different politically. Harriet’s a friend of mine who used to be on a research team I put together for former Hollywood talent agent & war correspondent, Pat Dollard. Proe would attack Harriet day & night, calling her a liberal infiltrator, etc. Harriet’s the furthest thing from a liberal, though. It was always fun watching her take Proe down a notch. Of course, Harriet has cool friends.

James Woods and harriet spamblock

Back to the main story. When I got the email to write this article, I was kind of skeptical. Jack Cashill’s name was mentioned. I hadn’t heard of him, so I Googled him & saw he was a writer for WND. I thought maybe it was a hit piece. When I went over all of Kristen’s research, though, I was intrigued, and I agreed to write it. One article that Cashill wrote convinced me that Kristen could be on to something. Cashill wrote “How Twitter Empowers Liberal Trolls” on World Net Daily.
Jack had gotten wind that people thought he ran the FrankMDavisJR account on Twitter, and he wrote the aforementioned article about it. The funny thing about it? The entire article was basically a puff piece for Proe. Jack went on about how great he was, how awesome his work on Benghazi was, and how everyone who attacked him was a “liberal troll.” Yeah, “liberal troll.” Exactly what Proe would call anyone he didn’t like. It was like Proe was writing for Jack. Or, Jack was Proe.

The select committee didn’t come about because of anyone’s Tweets, not ours, or the TPFA. Boehner formed the select committee because of emails Judicial Watch released after filing a (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of State.

After reading that article (and laughing), I couldn’t help but think either Cashill was Proe, or he was his twin brother. Jack wrote & behaved exactly like Proe did in our encounters with him.

Kristen actually spoke to Cashill over the phone about the article he wrote for WND. In that article, Jack quotes the Proe as if he spoke to him. Jack in fact did not talk to Proe, but spoke with his “co-leader” Kathy Amidon. Kristen wrote in an email “Cashill quotes Proe throughout the article he wrote for — “Proe says …Proe continues…” — yet when I spoke to him on the phone a couple weeks ago he told me he didn’t SPEAK to Proe just Kathy (Amidon) a couple of times a few weeks before he wrote the article… (I have the convo on Google Drive).”

How are you quoting a person as if you talked to them, when you didn’t actually talk to them? How do you know the person even exists? You’ve only seen Tweets & emails from them. How do you know Kathy wasn’t “FrankMDavisJR” on Twitter? Months ago, someone actually figured out that both Kathy & Proe both had the same IP address, meaning, they were in the same house or office.

In a followup article WND on Cashill and the TPFA, the author writes:
“The Fire Ants used Twitter to help spur Congress to create a House Select Committee to investigate the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack.” Hilarious. The select committee didn’t come about because of anyone’s Tweets, not ours, or the TPFA. Boehner formed the select committee because of emails Judicial Watch released after filing a (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the Department of State.

Both of those articles (one by Cashill, the other he advised on) label all who worked on Benghazi on Twitter, including Harriet Baldwin, James Woods, Michelle Malkin, former Marines, Wayne Dupree writers, myself, and hundreds or thousands more, liberal trolls.

Is Jack Cashill @FrankMDavisJR, aka Proe?

Now that we have a little background on @FrankMDavisJR, let’s compare similarities between Cashill & Proe.
Much of this comes from Kristen’s research she sent over.

    -They both took issue with Mitt Romney being a Mormon, and didn’t want him to be the nominee.
    See Proe’s video rant.

    -They both volunteered/worked on Newt’s campaign for POTUS (along with Kathy Amidon).

    -Cashill & Kathy both worked for Ingram’s Magazine

    -They both believe Obama’s father, wasn’t his real father (see Frank M Davis JR), and spent an inordinate amount of time writing a book & on blogs about it.

    -They both label conservatives they don’t like, “liberal trolls.”

    -They both go on & on about how great TPFA & Proe are. Jack (who hasn’t met or talked to Proe) says TPFA is an “extremely effective group,” and that Proe is “a very bright, media-savvy guy.” Jack goes on “Through effective use of Twitter, Proe and his brave co-leader, Kathy Amidon, played a major role in getting 192 congressmen to co-sponsor House Resolution 36.”

    -They both believe Twitter’s senior director of trust and safety is in cahoots with “liberal trolls” to get them suspended (which means Twitter is in cahoots with me as Proe has called me an ACORN troll).

    -They’re both serial Oxford comma offenders. In any given essay by Proe, there are an average of eight Oxford commas. In Cashill’s book, Deconstructing Obama, the same pattern is there. Normal people use one or two commas, not eight at a time.

    -Proe is an avid writer (like Cashill) with 4 different blogs – most is focused on Obama’s birth certificate/father, etc.,,,

Considering all of the evidence, I’m going to have to say Jack Cashill is “FrankMDavisJR” aka Proe. There’s no way an author & seasoned writer says that he interviewed someone, when he didn’t even talk to the person, only to go on & quote said person, and then heap praise on them without even knowing who they are. Proe’s war against conservatives has been going on a long time. He’s arrogant, and offensive to almost everyone. There’s no way Cashill would defend this person, having done his homework like he said he did, unless Jack was that person. There are no leftist trolls after “Proe.” There are just a shitload of people who don’t like assholes, and treat them with the respect they deserve, which is zero.

P.S. The TPFA was mentioned in a Forbes article. The author, Thomas J. Basile, (former advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq & Bush official) wrote that they had gone “off the rails,” are “out of touch” with common sense, and “whose focus is far afield from the core principles of the movement. As a result the Tea Party is now often associated with fringe or unelectable candidates, social issues and money-grubbing political insiders.”


Kristen & others post their research on the TPFA on their blog here.

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