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Leftists Who Threaten Death on Conservatives and Other Instances of Intolerance

It used to be when you went to school it was to learn, to exchange ideas, to discuss topics. You didn’t go to school to be browbeaten or told that if you thought/believed a certain way, you would wind up dead. That is essentially what one professor has allegedly told his students.

Alice Gilbert alleges Professor Otis Madison began the year telling Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) supporters to get out. [He] warned Ted Cruz-supporting ‘teabaggers’ to get the hell out of his classroom before he sent them home to their mother in a body bag.

Wasn’t this decent? The professor in question teaches at the University of Santa Barbara, California. The particular class in question is called “Obama as a Political and Cultural Phenomenon.” Gee, do you think Madison is a supporter of Obama and hater of Ted Cruz?

One website notes, “The study of how a man so inept and inexperienced managed to ascend to the highest political office in the land would make for an interesting study, if only done honestly and with ample amounts of criticism for both our culture and the media that made such a fact so.”

Otis Madison is a lecturer in the department of Black Studies at the university. “His areas of interest are United States legal history, U.S. race relations, race relations and the law, Black American political history and political violence. Mr. Madison received a Professor of the Year award by UCSB’s Mortar Board in 1992.” He can be contacted via email at: [email protected]

Alice Gilbert has gone to the media to share her story, a story that should not be happening in America (or anywhere), yet it is because of the fact that the left has the microphone and the spotlight. This kind of garbage happens all too often and yet, the left is constantly accusing the right of being haters. In fact, they create the hate, they share the hate, and they are responsible for the hate they create.

The idea that a professor of any class would threaten his students as Madison allegedly has is unconscionable. He would probably argue (if he admitted it in the first place) that he was using hyperbole. That matters not, because the right would be vilified and would not get away with using that as an excuse.

You see what’s happening, right? The left uses hate while accusing the right of hating. This is the Hegelian Dialectic process to a “t.” The left is made up of consummate liars and haters, taking out their hatred and wrath on anyone who they define as conservative.

It’s the same when patriots quietly protest outside Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, the school infamously known for the lawsuit over telling students that on Cinco de Mayo, no American flags could be displayed. The stupidity here is that not even all of Mexico celebrates Cinco de Mayo, yet we are to not only allow students of Mexican heritage to celebrate it here, but forbid the display of American flags because it might be seen as “racist” or “insensitive.” That’s absurd. Do Americans living in Mexico get to celebrate American holidays and if so, does the Mexican government forbid the display of Mexican flags then?

But worse than this, the patriots who stood quietly outside the school with American flags were called “racist a**holes” as well as other things. So now, flying the American flag is racist because it might offend someone? I say, who cares? Fly it!

The left likes to play by their own rules and they often do just that. They are filled with hatred, ego, pomposity, arrogance, and cannot seem to constrain themselves when it comes to vilifying anyone who does not agree with them. Yet, they also try to pass themselves off as people who are “tolerant.”

If they think they are tolerant, they have no concept of what the word means. It is well past time to fight back with words of our own. We need to call the left out as being intolerant every chance we get. If we do nothing, we are no better than they are and in fact, we will be accepting their characterization of conservatives. Do we want that? I don’t.

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