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Lesbian couple blames neighbor for house burning to ground; But check out this stunning twist!

Things aren’t always what they seem and what these two women did just put a major stain on the LGBT community.

When a same-sex couple’s home was burned to the ground, their community rallied in support and outrage.

“We know it’s a hate crime. It happened because this couple is lesbian,” one supporter told reporters.

In a stunning twist, a US District Court jury found Carol Anne and Laura Stutte deliberately set fire to their home, blaming the fire on their neighbor.

Just weeks after the 2011 fire, the Stutte’s insurance company filed a lawsuit in federal court saying they found evidence the couple deliberately set fire to their property and claimed the insurance money.


The couple originally told fire investigators, local media, and anyone who would listen that the fire was a hate crime because the word “queers” had been spray-painted on their garage. They openly accused their neighbor of the crime.

“We know who wrote those threats,” Stutte told the Metro Pulse. “Anyone who could go so far as to paint those hateful letters and burn someone else’s house down, they are really disturbed.”

The couple is no ineligible to receive their insurance claim on the property. No criminal charges have yet been filed.

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(H/T) – NY Daily News

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