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Let GOP candidate Carly Fiorina join the ABC Republican Debate tonight — Take our poll!

I have to admit my stance has changed over the last couple of days.

Let Carly Florina on the debate stage Saturday! At this stage in the game, with the number of candidates low enough, and the fact that she recently has outpolled others who are in the debate and did as well in Iowa makes this a truly bad call by ABC and shows the RNC to be spineless.

I am not all that high on Fiorina, but the Republican National Committee or the Network caring the next debate is wrong not having her on the podium with all the other candidates. That is why the American people are sick of the Republicans in Washington.

I don’t like her condescending tone and the way she tries to place herself over the rest of the candidates as if she has some sort of priviledge, but then again it’s right thing to do and I am in ch

From Fox News:

After coming off a seventh place finish in the Iowa caucus, Carly Fiorina is furious she was excluded from a debate Saturday night in New Hampshire before next week’s primary vote. She told Bret Baier her supporters in those states should be, too.

“It’s a rigged game,” Fiorina said.

Fiorina noted that she beat John Kasich and Chris Christie in the Iowa vote and tied Jeb Bush in delegate count.

Watch her interview here:

Join in our poll and let’s see what you say:

ABC News has no plans to give Carly Fiorina a last-minute invitation to Saturday night’s Republican debate, despit… in Wayne Dupree ★彡’s Hangs on LockerDome

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