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Let this Memorial Day be a wake up call for America

Each year President Obama, the most powerful man on the planet, has to investigate a scandal that happened under his watch.

In contrast, President Richard Nixon’s lone Watergate scandal forced him to resign from office. The difference is, no one died or was hurt from Nixon’s scandal. The current administration’s scandals have left a crimson stain on President Obama’s hands that he can not wash off.

Americans are accepting an inept president whose lies and deceptions, along with his inability to perform the duties of the President of the United States, are leading to the deaths of hundreds of people.

How many Americans have died from this president’s Scandals?

Fast and Furious: Attorney General Eric Holder’s office supplied weapons from the U.S. to suspected gun smugglers, so the arms could be traced to Mexican drug cartels. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which ran the operation, lost track of the firearms, many of which have been linked to crimes, including the fatal shooting of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010.

Extortion 17: On May 2, 2011 Vice President Joe Biden, in an unprecedented act, revealed the identity of the elite Navy SEAL’s team that took out Osama bin Laden.  SEAL Team 6.

After the Vice President’s breach of national security, the Taliban vowed to kill the people responsible for bin Laden’s death.

On Aug 6, 2011, members of SEAL Team 6 were conducting an exercise  in Afghanistan aboard a CH-47 with the call signs “Extortion 17”. They were ambushed by Taliban fighters and many people were killed; 17 members of the elite Navy SEALS, five Naval Special Warfare personnel who support the SEALS, three Air Force Special Operations personnel, an Army helicopter crew of five, seven Afghan commando, one Afghan interpreter,  and a U.S. military service dog were killed.


Sept 11th Benghazi attacks: A terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya surprised personnel at the compound on Sept. 11. Militants overwhelmed the guards and set fire to structures before the occupants could escape.

Prior to the attacks, Ambassador Christopher Stevens requested increased security and structure reinforcements to the Benghazi embassy. Request were denied by US Secretary Hilary Clinton’s office

During an attempted assassination of the British Ambassador, Ansar al-Shiria publicly announced that, “if America does not leave Libya, they would kill their Ambassador”.

On Sept 11, 2012 Ansar al-Shiria attacked the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, killing four men; U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, two CIA contractors, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Dohertyand, and a U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer named  Sean Smith. Ten other Americans were injured.

Several requests for military back up were made during the attack, but a stand down order was given by an unknown official in the White House.


Veterans Administration: The Department of Veterans Affairs has kept secret lists of veterans waiting for treatment. Over 40 American Veterans have died during the wait.


Rules of Engagement: President Obama’s changes to military combat [rules of engagement] were put in place in 2009 and 2010 “have created hesitation and confusion for our war fighters”, said Wayne Simmons, a retired U.S. intelligence officer who worked in NATO headquarters in Kabul.

National security analysts believe coinciding stricter rules of engagement has led to more battlefield fatalities.

These are just the ones we know about. Are we waking up America?


About Michael Dozier

Dr Dozier is a reporter for the Examiner and is a conservative host and political analyst for RANT2014.COM. He recently joined the NewsNinja Team on the Wayne Dupree Show in March 2014. He works with Start-EMS in humanitarian aid missions in Africa, Asia, the Balkans and America. He has advanced studies in Homeland Security, Risk Analysis,Emergency Management,Disaster Preparedness Dr Dozier served as one of the Commissioners on Disability and Chairman of the Board, and Director of Health and Human Services for the Homeland Security Foundation of America. He works with politicians and government agencies worldwide and is a registered lobbyist in the United States.

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