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Levin Bans Priebus From Show: He Conspired With Trump To Screw Conservatives

Did I miss something here?

Conservative Radio host Mark Levin said he was going to vote for Donald Trump and now he’s creating enemies within the movement to get Trump elected? Levin banned RNC Chairman Reince Priebus because he feels betrayed along with conservatives.

What happened to their brand of messaging? Why did that sweep the voters? Are they not taking responsibility for their ineffectiveness this election cycle? They are pushing it on other forces stopping them? If they were not bold enough and strong enough to beat Trump, why would anyone want to side with them?

Levin can’t accept that many of us are rejecting the globalist conservative agenda he’s still pimping, and he also knows a Trump presidency will put his brand of conservatism on the back burner. If Trump doesn’t make it Levin and the rest of his cohorts/Cruzers think they’ll rise back to ascendancy with the real conservative revolution in 2020. Fat chance. They’ll be doing it in a decimated Republican Party because most of us will no doubt be gone to the independent ranks or beginning our own nationalist conservative political party.


From Newsmax:

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has gotten himself blacklisted from Mark Levin’s radio show, The Washington Examiner reports.

Levin made the announcement Wednesday night, after saying Donald Trump’s running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will appear on the show, as will Glenn Beck.

“Reince Priebus has made contact through, what, his latest spokes-idiot, er, man. And Reince would like to talk tomorrow, how can we set that — Reince Priebus, you are banned from the Mark Levin Show,” Levin said. “Your games don’t cut it anymore. I told you if you wanted to talk to me through your phalanx of your lackeys, you have to do it on the air. You have to do it on LevinTV. None of these private meetings. I don’t trust you.”

Levin went on to outline his problems with Priebus.

“First it was before the convention, during the convention, let’s wait until the convention is over. I have no use for this guy,” Levin said. “I think he’s contributed to dragging down the Republican Party. He’s Donald Trump’s new friend. He’s the alt-right, nationalist, populists’ new friend. They conspired with him to screw conservatives and the grassroots, so let them live with him. I want nothing to do with him.”

Levin really surprised me this election. He was the last person I would have believed that would behave this way. I remember sometimes, I would delay leaving work an hour, just so I can hear his opening. Good riddance to him!

Priebus surprised me too. I thought he would side with the Romney’s and Bush, but instead, like you said, he kept law and order.

No Trump is not a principle conservative, but unlike the so-called principled conservative, Trump not only can win, but he can also actually do some great things that are within his Constitutional authority. Cruz, would be getting killed at this point, don’t forget that.

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