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Levin on Clinton: U.S. Attorney hasn’t said a damn thing; there ought to be a grand jury empaneled

On Hannity Wednesday night, conservative talk radio host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin said the Justice Department and Obama administration are in “full cover-up mode” over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server, and called for a full investigation into her mishandling of classified material.

The U.S. Attorney hasn’t said a damn thing; there ought to be a grand jury empaneled,” Levin said. “I’m glad the criminal side of the FBI is investigating; it’s not enough. Where’s the U.S. Attorney General? Silent. Not a word. We’ve had special prosecutors appointed on a hell of a lot less than this. Where’s the special prosecutor? Where’s Obama in appointing it? Nowhere. The United State Justice Department under this president is in full cover-up mode. Probably some patriotic civil servant is trying to do something, but this requires a full comprehensive investigation.”

Levin also said such an investigation should require bringing in all the evidence, Clinton’s staffers and, even the former secretary of state herself to testify in front of a grand jury.

“This is not an email scandal,” Levin added. “Hillary Clinton through our national security on the table for all of our enemies.”

Watch the extended video here:

Do you agree with the “Great One?” What should be done and why does the new AG stand silent on a national security issue so important? Share your comments below.

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