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Levin says he’s being targeted for Intimidation after someone leaked fiancee’s son worked for Cruz campaign [AUDIO]

Let me start off by saying if someone is trying to out Radio Show host Mark Levin’s personal life, that’s wrong beyond any measure. Family and family and there should be a boundary set where doesn’t happen.

With that said, learning that his fiancee’s son works Senator Ted Cruz was an eye-opener for me. Levin says he believes this was a ridiculous attempt by another Republican candidate to “intimidate him into silence,” but he won’t be bullied.

During the segment, Levin said his fiancee’s son could work wherever and for anyone he wanted and then he told his audience directing it to the individual who leaked it to take up the issue with him and not the young man.

From Breitbart:

Levin then said, “So, somebody tipped off a reporter or reporters to this devastating fact, and they’re trying to intimidate me.” Levin added the story is nothing, and his fiancée’s son can work for whoever he pleases, and he doesn’t care who he works for. And that “if somebody wants to work for a senator or congressman, they’re free to work for a senator or congressman. I’m not going to tell them not to. Or if they want to work for Donald Trump, I’m not going to tell them not to. I like all these people. I like a lot of them. It’s not personal with me. It’s philosophical with me.”

He added that he wasn’t going to be intimidated and wants to find out which campaign did this so he can expose them. Levin further stated that every host has family working for someone, and some have stayed at Trump’s hotels or golfed with him, none of which he cares about. He further said, “Some of these websites are funded by individuals who fund campaigns. So what?”

Levin further stated, “no host should be intimidated. No journalist should be intimidated. No guest commentator should be intimidated.”

Listen to the audio here:

I actually believe Levin is just beating someone to the punch filling in the blanks. He’s just trying pre-emptively subverted someone elses effort to discredit him. Doesn’t really sound like a big deal to me. This will die down in a few days and won’t even be a blip on the radar.

What do you think about this and does it have any merit, any standing with you? Do you even care? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.

h/t – Caleb Howe/Soundcloud

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