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Levin: Trump missed the debate because he thought he would be the target before Iowa Caucuses!

Conservative Radio talk show host Mark Levin has been pummeling Donald Trump for the last week or so showing his cards to supporting Senator Ted Cruz , which is his choice. Most of the words directed at Trump have been slapping down the GOP frontrunner’s rhetoric against Cruz while both men try to gain the upper hand in the Iowa Caucuses.

On Thursday, Levin gave an analysis which I am not angry at. Honestly, it makes perfect sense to me. Many of his opponents won’t be happy and neither will Fox News because they won’t have the opportunity to take pot shots at him before the caucuses on Monday night, but it seems that’s the way Trump wants to run his campaign.

He’s been right for the last six months so why second guess him now. Trump doesn’t need continued hit jobs by moderators, a news organization or presidential candidates. Enough is enough and Trump is the smartest person with a great business background. You aren’t that successful without taking risks.

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Trump made a calculated political decision. Even his supporters don’t give him credit for being smart enough. He made a calculated political decision, not to avoid Megyn Kelly, but to avoid the debate format where he might be the target, when the polls show him leading in Iowa just days before the caucus.

He’s where he wants to be, he believes and his campaign believes. Why go up there and duke it out with Cruz or Rubio or anybody else? Why be the target?

So you get out of that environment and then Cruz is the target.

This was never a fight between Fox and Trump. All the analysts have missed it. All the commentators have missed it. It’s ‘how brilliant’, ‘he’s controlling the media’…no he’s controlling you! He’s marketing himself. He’s branding himself. So he’s stepping out of that environment, it’s too risky, with just a few days to go.

And the people of Iowa have to decide if they want to be treated like that or not, or disrespected, or if they think this is a brilliant political move.

But this isn’t a fight between Fox and Trump.

Do you think Levin was on the mark with this breakdown? Share your thoughts and comments below and let us know what you think.

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