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Levin wants to moderate debate between Cruz and Trump

Thanks but no thanks.

We’ve had 13 debates already in the books, what are they going to say now that they couldn’t manage to get out after countless of hours in front of the cameras on prime time television? I know Cruz followers want to get Trump on stage if my guy was behind I would be calling for the same thing so I can’t fault them for that but I can fault Levin.

Levin ENDORSED Cruz, therefore he can’t moderate a debate. Check out what Levin said on his radio show via The Daily Caller:

“It’s truly a disgrace that Trump won’t stand toe-to-toe and debate Ted Cruz. It’s our loss, and we should continue to demand that he do it. I’d be happy to have them here with any moderator they want or no moderator. And we’ll bring these folk in here, we’ll use this studio — it’s very comfortable — and they can have their debate.”

I have gone from respecting and admiring Levin to detesting the sight and sound of him.

This country is not looking for a debate champion. This country desperately needs a man who is not beholden to special interests; rather, one who is dedicated to serving the interests of American citizens. In the interim, many Americans are looking for a Levin replacement on their radio dial.

I can’t say this enough; we have had enough debates and if Cruz thinks he can go and steal delegates let him go for it. He will not get crap for votes in the general, but I think that’s what the GOP wants even if they lose the White House. It’s all about control and money the people be damned

I also think Levin should be concerned with selling more pillows, prostate enhancers, and creams to make a 50-year-old woman look like she is 20.

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