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LGBT Lies About Purpose of Tennessee SB1793/HB1547 to Instill Fear

Never let it be said that the left is above lying or essentially doing whatever they want in order to promote their agenda. If it helps their cause, lying is simply part of their arsenal of tools from which they draw.

We see the level of hypocrisy and lies on a daily basis now. Whether it’s gun-control advocate, Sen. Leland Yee (D-CA) being arrested on gun trafficking charges or Planned Parenthood lying about the Hobby Lobby case, the truth is a stranger to these people. It’s all about getting their goals accomplished and it doesn’t matter how it’s done either. Of course, it goes without saying that if anyone on the right uses these same tactics, then the left comes unglued with characteristic disbelief and shock. It’s all part of their game though and the media backs them up on it. They of course, will also stoop to using the Bible as long as they can twist it to say what they want it to say.

This latest foray into the leftstream of consciousness has to do with a bill in Tennessee. It’s SB1793 and I doubt seriously if anyone from the LGBT community has even taken the time to read it thoroughly for meaning. Instead, what you see when you search for it are headlines that read “Tennessee Senate Passes Bill That’ll Let Gay Kids Get Bullied Because ‘Religious Freedom'” and other similar shout outs. The main thing the LGBT community wants everyone to know is that this bill will not only encourage people to bully gay kids, but will actually allow it. The obtuseness of the left seems to know no bounds.

If you haven’t already run across examples of what I’m about to highlight, you have now. In many schools, Christian kids are being told they cannot use Jesus as their “hero.” They cannot mention Him in a paper that they are writing. Do you think the same type of prohibition would be expressed if the subject was Muhammad? If you do, then you might be a liberal.

If a Valedictorian gives a speech, he/she better not mention God and certainly better not, under any circumstances, mention the Name of Jesus. You know, that old oft-quoted and always misrepresented “separation of church and state” that does not even once appear in the U.S. Constitution.

In an effort to combat that type of tyranny, SB1793 was offered. Part of the text of the bill reads this way:

49-6-1801. An LEA shall treat a student’s voluntary expression of a religious viewpoint, if any, on an otherwise permissible subject in the same manner the LEA treats a student’s voluntary expression of a secular or other viewpoint on an otherwise permissible subject and may not discriminate against the student based on a religious viewpoint expressed by the student on an otherwise permissible subject.

In other words, the actual point here is that an LEA (Local Education Authority) cannot immediately jump on the bandwagon and forbid the student from making a voluntary expression about his or her religion. This means that atheists are allowed to say they do not believe God exists. Christians, Jews, and Muslims are allowed to say that they believe God does exist. Christians can speak of Jesus, while Muslims can speak of Muhammad.

Further, the bill goes onto state that references to Jesus, Muhammad, or no God at all, will be allowed at all graduation ceremonies (Section 49-6-1802b). In Tennesee at least, the educational system cannot forbid a Christian (or Muslim) from referencing God in their speeches.

But some activists within the LGBT super-minority claim that “even without this bill, Tennessee already fails to protect its LGBT students. LGBT students and teachers already have no protection under discrimination laws in the state (although Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville and Davidson County do have local city ordinances prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation).”

This is garbage. ALL people are protected from bullying, but for years schools seem to have done little to protect students in general, but the law is the law. Students cannot go up to other students and begin bullying them for any reason, not just sexual orientation. When I was in school, being bullied or bullying seemed to be a rite of passage. Little was done to stop it. “Come on guys, shake hands. It’s over.” No, it generally wasn’t over and often continued after school and away from school grounds. This ludicrous idea that LGBT people are not protected is asinine.

How many students have we read about over the past few years who wound up killing themselves after being unmercifully bullied? The laws are in place. School personnel often fail to do what is right. What about Rebecca Sedwick of Florida? Bullied unmercifully because one of the girls doing the bullying believed Sedwick had dated her ex-boyfriend. How about this example of a 15-year-old boy who moved from Poland to the U.S.? Bartlomiej “Bart” Palosz committed suicide after suffering through several years of relentless bullying  at school.

Michael Morones, an 11-year-old who was a fan of “My Little Pony” attempted suicide after being on the receiving end of bullying. He survived but with brain damage. In another case, 13-year-old Rachel Ehmke committed suicide after being bullied for months.

These are terribly tragic cases, but the LGBT community apparently believes that bullying is going to start against those students who fall under that acronym. Look, bullying has been going on for generations and it takes all forms.

When a second grader is forbidden to write about Jesus, that’s bullying. When a graduating senior is told not to mention God during their speech, that’s bullying. When someone is told they can’t bring a Bible to school, that’s bullying.

Tennessee has made a law that hopes to reduce the amount of times that religious people are bullied by teachers and other educators under the asinine and non-existent “separation of church and state” clause.

Another part of SB1793 states the following.

49-6-1803. Students may express their beliefs about religion in homework, artwork, and other written and oral assignments free from discrimination based on the religious content of their submissions. Homework and classroom assignments shall be judged by ordinary academic standards of substance and relevance and against other legitimate academic concerns identified by the LEA. Students may not be penalized or rewarded on account of the religious content of their work.”

Everything about this bill is attempting to provide freedom for students to speak about their personal beliefs and not be penalized for them. Of course, the LGBT community wants to make it about them.

What is asinine about bills like this one is that they have to be created in the first place! The left likes to present itself as the party of “common sense,” yet they seem to have the least amount of common sense going. What is common sense to them is simply ridiculous to the rest of the world.


I’ve included an image that highlights how some from the gay community think about this. As can be seen, for them the reality is that they see this bill as something that creates, allows, and even approves of bullying. The truth of it is that the bill is designed to allow students from various religious persuasions to be able to voice their beliefs at school. Gays and lesbians want to keep that from happening, which is simply another example of the infamous “tolerance” of the left.

Comments from other sites were filled with expletives and promised to “push back hard against Christians.” No specific religion was even mentioned in the bill, which means that the bill provides freedom for all religions, not merely Christian. Because Tennessee is in the so-called Bible Belt doesn’t mean a whole lot today when considering the amount of multiculturalism that has affected most areas of the country. Tennessee also has some of the largest Islamic mosques in the United States. Obviously, this bill is going to provide Muslims, or Sikhs, or Christians, or Jews, or whomever else the freedom to voluntarily discuss their religion.

The LGBT community lies. It’s one of the things they do because if you lie often enough, people will accept it as truth. That’s really what the LGBT people want. They want people to see this bill through their eyes, not for what it actually says.

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