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LGBTQ’s, How Many More Letters of the Alphabet are You Going to Need?

LGBTQ… RSTUVWXY and Z. Yesterday this article was on the Blaze about a gentleman in Portland, Oregon. Self identifying as “queer,” the man has produced a receipt from an Apple store with a gay slur in place of his email. On his Facebook he posted a link and suggested insensitive people read and understand it before they use hurtful words (If only the same philosophy could apply to left in their relentless expanding of entitlements). Many people in the Blaze article’s comment section seem to believe this will end up being a non-hetero attention hoax. While I’ll admit that it does smell kind of fishy at first, a homophobe working at an Apple store in Portland, I don’t have any reason to not believe he’s telling the truth at this time. I also think there’s no reason this should have ever gone beyond his friends list.

This all started a line of thinking. I consider myself relatively up to date on which way the winds are blowing, if only as a hobby. The initialism LGBT itself is a relatively recent addition to our national dialogue. While not hip in specific circles, I do keep my finger on the pulse. I know I first heard the term within the last five years or so. Certainly within the last decade. It’s already a clunky, catching term. Catching, not catchy. It acts as a speed bump in any dialogue it appears, meant to slow down thought and focus on it. Now there’s a Q added to the alphabet soup.

LGBTQ. I found this website right up front in a search about this new initialism. It showed up in the May issue of Time Magazine this year. I am 99.9% convinced it is a product of 2014, and it makes LGBT look like a literary relic. According to the site, the Q stands for “questioning”. A person who questions their sexual orientation. A definition only discernible from bi-curious when calculated out to the fifth or sixth decimal place. The site also goes on to explain that, “Sometimes, the Q stands for “queer,” a term reclaimed by some LGBTs for political reasons.” The jury’s still out on trannie. Some wear it as a badge of honor. Others find it to be a deeply offensive slur, even from a gay person.

Great. So a letter can be added to an already awkward initialism and perform double duty on what it stands for instead or using a letter already there for double duty. In math you’re taught simplification. It allows one to tackle ever-increasingly complicated problems. In political jargon, you’re taught quite the opposite, and for the opposite reason. Also, a term “reclaimed” for political reasons? Like black people reclaiming the “N” word? Once upon a time queer meant strange or odd and gay meant happy or carefree. Maybe English professors should reclaim those words for linguistic reasons.

This might all be an amusing sideshow, except the real world consequences are undeniable. Especially where the modern PC police are concerned with the First Amendment. Attempts to child-proof the adult world for everyone who does not identify as heterosexual makes for a population of people deserving of having politically incorrect gay slurs applied to them. It has already proven detrimental to careers and central to character assassinations. The never consistent speech code intentionally makes for a verbal minefield to trip up dissenters and coerce thought patterns in a desired direction.

Furthermore, what all this actually does is attract one of the few terms that LGBTQAVF569#*EWWX’s do not want to apply to them. Confused. Is that coming next? LGBTQC?

I don’t care who you love, who you go to bed with, who the beneficiaries of your estate are or why. As far as I’m concerned, who you are allowed to marry is a matter of the Tenth Amendment. You know, the amendment progressives conveniently forget exists. I do not begrudge any person any choice they make that does not affect others. That is between them and whatever God or lack there of they believe they’ll have to make an account to one day.

I do, however, take issue with these political correctness word games. This practice is offensive. And not in the, “Ew, I’m so offended by what you said.” kind of way. I mean the foul odor in you nostrils, counter to everything that makes us strong, one step closer to securing diminished freedom kind of way. You can stand up for anything you want. But if you believe the modern time’s acceptance of this word game as the expansion of freedom, I have a bridge for sale you might be interested in.

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Married father of three. 5 C's. Particularly concerned with matters pertaining to the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments.

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