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Liberal NY Judge Awards Women Teachers their Jobs back after being caught in Lesbian Affair in classroom

Two women were sacked from their teaching job in New York, after they were caught in a classroom having sex.

However, the two teachers fought back and alleged that they were unjustly fired from their profession. At the present, an Appellate Court judge in Manhattan, agreed with Cindy Mauro, 38, and Alini Brito, 34, and ruled that they ought to have their jobs back. The hearing said that the teachers were treated too cruelly at the James Madison High School, Brooklyn, when they were fired from work for having sex in the classroom.

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Ahhh, the public school system. And of course a liberal judge in NY thinks they should get there job’s back, go figure.

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During the concert, the two women became bored and went away.  They entered a classroom and took part in sex.

During their meeting, a janitor came into the room and found them having sex. School authorities were informed, and the women were sacked.

The two went to court, and after a lengthy battle, they won and were given their jobs back.

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