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Liberal Salon bigot: Modern black conservatives ‘professional buck dancing blackface artists’

black-conservativesConservatives can’t disagree with Obama without being called racists.  For that matter, they can’t even say “chair,” “Chicago” or “golf” without some MSNBC talking head screaming racism.  But liberals feel free to utter the most vile invective against black conservatives, and worse yet, the so-called “mainstream media” lets them get away with it.

Consider Chauncey DeVega.

If the name escapes you, he’s the AlterNet blogger who called Herman Cain a “monkey in the window” during the 2012 primary.

He continued the fine liberal tradition Friday in a tweet calling black conservatives “professional buck dancing blackface artists.”

He wasn’t finished, however.

“[B]lack conservatives also play a damn good banjo. very good at multitasking for their white masters,” he added.

Of course, he’ll never be called out by Chris Matthews or Ed Schultz.  That’s because he’s a good liberal hatemonger.

Of course, it goes without saying that had Rush Limbaugh said this about black liberals, the left would demand he be beheaded and burned at the stake.

DeVega, Twitchy said, was crowing about a vile screed published at the far-left Salon in which he falsely claimed the GOP is the party of white supremacy.

All he managed to prove, however, is that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.


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